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    Waeco Fridge/ 35ah AGM/ 100w PV System

    I am posting this as a point of reference for others who may use similar setups. I just got back from a 4 day trip to Arizona/Utah border. Total of 600 mi round trip. We camped for 3 days/nights using only solar/35ah battery that ran the fridge and lights and cell phone chargers. The PV module...
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    12v Mighty Kool Swamp cooler

    12v/Solar Mighty Kool evaporative cooler w/extra cooler pad Good Condition $150.
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    $1000 94 Toyota Landcruiser Money Pit?

    How deep a money pit can a 94 FJ 80 be? It is complete, was registered and running last week. Has at least a blown head gasket, No rust, faded paint on hood and roof. 205k miles.
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    Fulltiming with an Engel and solar

    Last year I met an oldtimer in Death Valley. He was living full time out of his old Toyota Hilux/camper shell. The camper shell was custom made, but was still not quite a full fledged camper. It had single size bunk running down one side and an Engel fridge, stove and storage down the other. He...
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    Low cost drawer rollers

    I found these rollers useful for my platform drawer. I installed them to the floor with the rollers facing up so the bottom of drawer rolls over them. Shepherd Hardware 9441 7/8-Inch Threaded Stem Appliance Caster, Dual Wheels, 4-Pack
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    Headroom overyour platform mattress

    I have about 29" of headroom over my 4" thick mattress. This is tight when dressing/undressing. Anyone find a comfortable height over the your sleeping platform?
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    Willys Wagon in Cabeza Preita NWR

    My wife and I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Cabeza Preita NWR west of Ajo Az. This is the first trip in the Willys since I installed the platform and other gear for camping. ( We first had to stop in at the refuge...
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    Baltic Birch 5X5 Panels

    The platform for my Willys wagon wagon is going to be appox. 5'x5'. I did not want to splice 4X8 plywood together to make 5'X5' so I found 5X5 Baltic Birch, 9 ply panels at Woodworkers Source. A little trimming on the sides and I will have a seamless platform. Anyone run into the same issue, try...
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    Expedition Trailer Wannabe

    Stuck in Aravaipa Creek. Raised single axle 5th wheel, 2 wheel drive F150. Spent the night in the creek. Next morning rode the lifeboat Honda Trail 90 out for help.