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    New Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer

    Link below:
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    New 2014 BMW 1200 GSA

    Wondering if anyone has seen the new 1200 GSA at the moto shows this winter and has anyone placed a order??? My dealer says the first bikes should be hitting show rooms in the USA by the end of Feb.
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    Insurance recommendations

    I have recently bought a AEV Brute and I am looking for any suggestions for a "stated value" policy. I have insurance through Progressive, but the price seems a little high to me. Thanks for your help!
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    New Jeep/Brute

    I got to drive my new Brute yesterday for the first time on the AEV owners trail ride in Moab. WOW, what a truck, and not only is it capable off road, but drives fantastic on the way to and from the trail. Thanks to everyone on this forum over the last couple of years as I read your threads and...
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    EarthRoamer F650!!!

    I was getting new batteries installed at the factory today and saw this image on the bulletin board in EarthRoamers lunch room. Not much info being given out by the crew there, but was told to expect an announcement in the near future.
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    Colorado to the Arctic Ocean and back down to Panama, Earthroamer/BMW GSA

    Welcome to my first trip report. Over the next 3 months I am going to travel from Colorado to Alaska in a Earthroamer LT, and then back down to Colorado where I will switch to my BMW 1200 GSA, and ride to Panama! The trip begins this week with the drive to Bellingham...
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    Disabled Explorers Update?

    Lance, wondering if you would give an update on the latest news from your organization. Thanks
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    Colorado Upside Down

    Story to FOLLOW soon!
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    Garmin Mexico (Baja) Downloads

    I wanted to know if I am missing something on my Zumo 550. I can't find a Baja map to download on the Garmin site. Thanks for your help.
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    BC Bike Race, 7 days/333 miles, 42,000 feet

    Our blog: So in the summer of 2008, I completed the BC Bike Race. The toughest race I have ever done. 7 days/333miles of dirt/42,000 feet of elevation gain/52 hours of saddle time/3 ferry rides Victoria to Whistler The rules were: 1. Race with a...
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    SMB at Beef Basin/Elephant Hill

    A couple of photo's from this weekends trip. Oh yea ! Heading into the Elephant Hill area from the backside. About 40 miles in from the pavement.
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    Backyard Trip Today

    A buddy of mine suggested a ride around our "Backyard" today. We headed out to Dolores from Durango and took the back way to Telluride. Outside of Dunton Coming into Telluride Leaving Telluride on Last Dollar Road Approaching Ouray from Ridgeway Great weather and the scenery...
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    Single Speed World Championships

    Who is coming to Durango for the Race tomorrow? I am entered, and will ride it, but will be bringing up the rear. I race, but never before on a single speed. Flounder, I thought you might make it up here for this.
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    New Sportsmobile

    Finally Pictures of the New Sportsmobile