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    Exploring backroads of Connecticut

    I was in CT Sunday too. Bad communication, oh well. I was paddling the Natchaug. Equally fun!
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    Phil's Adventure Tacoma

    Well done. Safe travels.
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    Best Portable Grill

    Got a bit carried away and picked up a weber q 200. It rocks! A bit big, but everyone else always has a small grill if needed and if I cant fit it I can just cook with my camp stove.
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    Phil's Adventure Tacoma

    Looks good! You are going to be able cook on that thing! What are you doing to keep it weather-tight? Is that a concern?
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    Phil's Adventure Tacoma

    I have a matching wooden bed rack left over from a move if you want to borrow that until yours is done.:costumed-smiley-007
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    RTT Condensation under the mattress

    This stuff is very stiff and would not fold. Another boat trick is to use a heated fitted sheet that keeps the mattress dry. Probably not too comfortable for summer camping trips. You could also try to construct some sort of slat system for the mattress to lay on?
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    RTT Condensation under the mattress

    Check into this stuff
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    Phil's Adventure Tacoma

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    Best Portable Grill

    Does the lid latch shut somehow on the baby q? Lots of interesting grill ideas in this thread!
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    Silvercruisers Tacoma...the build begins

    I am liking the side bike racks!
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    Best Portable Grill

    Good suggestions here. Thanks. So far I am going to stick with what has worked. The SonOfHibachi seems awesome, but I cook with a lid. The solaire is nice as well, but not sure that the food will taste $300 better....
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    Best Portable Grill

    Today is a sad day for me as my Weber Go-Anywhere gas grill has finally died do to the NE rust. It lasted well over 10years! I could rebuild it, but parts are only 10 bucks less then buying a new model. It was easy to transport securely. The legs folded up to keep it closed. Propane allowed it...
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    Doc's 05 Tacoma Build Thread

    I am trying out chassis saver at the moment. Easier to apply than por. Let you know in a few winters!
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    $1400 Canon: What do you think?

    XXD Canon bodies are great! However, I would not want to be financing one. Pick up a lightly used 20d-30D-40D for anywhere between 300 and 800 bucks and be very happy with it. Take the rest and put it towards some nice lenses!
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    New dog for our family.

    Very mellow and kind dogs. I am sure the boys will love it!
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    Phil's Adventure Tacoma

    I think he decided he would rather have a 2x6.:rockon::bowdown:
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    Middle Fork 09: (Pic heavy)

    Good Stuff!:snorkel:
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    Birds Of Prey

    Barred Owl behind a barn in New Hampshire. Something caught my eye as it flew by and found this sweet subject.