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  1. dzzz

    2005 Unimog U500 With Alaskan Camper

    Fully featured, professionally maintained 2005 U500 with a 2010 lift roof Alaskan Camper. This truck features most options offered by Mercedes on the U500. The truck was stretched to 190" wheelbase to better accommodate a camper platform. Features added include a multipurpose platform with...
  2. dzzz

    Espar Airtronic and Webasto Air Top

    I thought I would start a thread comparing these two diesel cabin air heater brands. There's a couple good older threads on the boiler type units. Here let's compare the air heaters. I've been looking at the specs on the newer Webasto EVO units. They have an altitude switch on the cabin...
  3. dzzz

    West Coast Fabricator?

    I need some aluminum non-folding stairs built. Any WA, OR, or north half of CA recommendations? Thanks
  4. dzzz

    Ladder Leveler

    Looked for well designed ladder levelers for a long time
  5. dzzz

    Cribbing for larger trucks

    I've been looking at best practices for cribbing jacks and jack stands on larger trucks. Here's a post from a firefighter forum with a good link. Some people advocate softwoods over hardwood due to characteristics at the point of failure. I think 24" 4x4 doug fir works best for me. Enough for...
  6. dzzz

    Fabrication - UHMW Polyethlylene Sheet

    Is this a good alternative to nylon for a bushing like material? It's for padding between bolted metal to metal contact that might slip a little. I've used nylon before, but this is on a vehicle frame where it will get wet occasionally.
  7. dzzz

    Clearplex windshield protection film?

    Anyone use Clearplex? Seems more appropriate than racing tear-off sheets. The cost seems to be $150-180 for a car.
  8. dzzz

    Talk to me about grounding

    Is it worth going to the effort on maintaining a single ground path? I have a choice of upgrading the vehicle OEM ground to heavier wire or installing a separate path from the camper to truck frame. Assume I have a massive amount of sensitive electronics.
  9. dzzz

    Hino 4x4

    Anyone seen this model? Nice specs for OZ. Seems perfect as a beefier FG. Hino is Toyota I belive
  10. dzzz

    Fabrication questions

    1) Anyone see oval steel tube used for bullbar and other armor? I believe I have, but I can't find a pic or a source for the raw pipe. 2) Will I regret smooth painted under bed boxes (as opposed to chromed diamond plate). Is there any advantage to a particular material or finish? 3) Anyone...
  11. dzzz

    Built-in Portable Generator

    I really hate RV specific generators. "Microquiet"? ha. Looking at a honda or yamaha with electric start and a propane conversion. Anyone build-in a generator like that?
  12. dzzz

    LED flood lights

    Any suggestions for flood lights around the camper? Principally for arrival, set-up and repairs at night. Not for general camp lighting. The one on the rear will also work as a manually controlled backup light. 400-600 lumens seems to be common ratings. Has anyone found their lights to be too...
  13. dzzz

    Gas tank on a diesel

    Any suggestions for a frame mounted auxiliary gas tank? This would be to fuel toys, and possibly a generator. It the only way to use from that type of tank a traditional hose and nozzle?
  14. dzzz

    The "Well isn't that Clever" Thread

    Electronics version I'll start: Universal Mini USB Car Charger Adapter
  15. dzzz

    Antenex Phantom and other

    I'm thinking of doing as many roof NMO mounts as possible, and using small Antenex antennas first. I've purchased the two I can't do NMO, a GPS receiver and a Sirius antenna. Remaining I have VHF UHF wifi 2.4ghz cell (wilson booster) My roof is fiberglass, and Laird is unclear about the need...
  16. dzzz

    Where are you buying your cable?

    And are you using welding cable? I expect welding cable is SAE, not AWG, so it's smaller than battery cable at the same size. But is there any other disadvantage for vehicle use? For bulk tinned 4/0 battery cable, anything under $7.00 a foor delivered is a very good price. Other than that I...
  17. dzzz

    How much Solar do you have?

    If you have solar, what would you do differently next time?
  18. dzzz

    New Fuse Block

    I like this new Blue Sea fuse block. It goes from $40: To $160 with remote and local switch
  19. dzzz


    My alaskan flatbed camper is about a week from completion. Is very much like a standard alaskan with the cab over filled in. Option-wise it has a big 12v fridge. I'm psyched, except for the 2000 mile drive to pick it up.
  20. dzzz

    We need a Unisolar hack

    Having a thin, permanently mounted, durable solar panel on a vehicle roof would be great. The Uni-solar 68w flexible panel (pdf spec sheet) is great for large vehicles, but too long for even a large SUV. Half as long and twice as wide would be great. Anyone have a guess if these can be cut in...