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  1. BogusBlake

    2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4x4

    Price lowered to $15k on ExPo only. I really want my truck to go to someone who will use it for adventuring.
  2. BogusBlake

    2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4x4

    Now on Seattle Craigslist
  3. BogusBlake

    2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4x4

    2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, TRD 4x4 - 150,080 miles, original owner - 3.4L V6, 4-speed automatic transmission - White with gray cloth interior, SR5 trim level - TRD offroad package (skid plates, Tokiko shocks, and rear locking differential) - TRD transmission cooler - TRD HD fan clutch - '05...
  4. BogusBlake

    For Sale: 2006 E350 RB50 Diesel 4x4 $60,000

    Apparently only one picture is showing up. The others are hosted on the SMB forum and one needs to be a member to see them...sorry! Here's my ad on Craigslist that has lots of pictures: To answer some common questions I've gotten in email...
  5. BogusBlake

    For Sale: 2006 E350 RB50 Diesel 4x4 $60,000

    SOLD: One awesome Sportsmobile camping van If you're looking here, you probably have an idea of how Sportsmobiles are typically equipped, but here are some of the major features on my van: 2006 Ford E350 RB, 6.0 diesel. ~70,000 miles BPD EGR cooler Diesel Site Coolant filter Recently new AGM...
  6. BogusBlake

    Small Way Round: adventures on a DR200

    Here's a couple shots from where we rode at Alto. For some reason, most of my helmet cam footage from that day and the next was lost. The last one that worked was right before I crashed while blowing past that junction! :roost: Edit: Holy huge pictures! If I wasn't so lazy, I'd resize 'em...
  7. BogusBlake

    Phoenix to Prescott Overland

    Tim- That was a fun ride and it was great to meet you. For some reason, all my backwards facing helmet cam footage was unreadable when I tried to download it. I thought I had some goods shots of the two of you, but oh well...
  8. BogusBlake

    Confessions of a novice rider part three: Droppage

    Nice. I took my first spill about 50 feet into the very first trail I ever pointed the bike up, the day after I bought it! You get used to it though (I've eaten dirt 6 or 8 times in the last two months). It's how you define the limit of your ability. That's the thing about dirt bikes-...
  9. BogusBlake

    Help Scotty decide on an Expedition Moto...

    Yep. One month after Gretchen "tried out" my XR, she had her very own CRF230 with a BD kit. :roost: :roost: Better start saving!
  10. BogusBlake

    How many MPG on your ~250CC Bike

    My average from the last two tanks of mixed street commuting, woods riding, and highway trail connecting (at 60-70 mph), I got right at 70 MPG. This is an XR250 with stock gearing burning 92 octane at 5000-8000 ft.
  11. BogusBlake

    TJM bumper with Warn XD9000i ?

    Got a sawzall? Make it fit! :gunt:
  12. BogusBlake

    Random "Duct Tape" shots

    I don't have pictures of any of this, but: On a rock crawling trip, a guy broke BOTH his front leafsprings. We lined 'em back up, wrapped a crapload of DT around them, and he drove out. I was taking some measurements of a C-130 for a project at work and found a bunch of spots where they had...
  13. BogusBlake

    Axe and Shovel Mounting

    There's a couple ideas in this thread:
  14. BogusBlake

    My new sliders!

    Those look nice! Be careful when you're pivoting on them since the outer round tube doesn't go all the way to to the front and back- your fender might suddenly get a lot closer to the rock!
  15. BogusBlake

    Proper way to make a slim waterproof wire splice.

    What you originally posted will work, but I would use a "J-hook" between the wires instead of a butt joint. That would make if better structurally. To make this joint, strip about 1/2 to 5/8 of each wire and bend them to hook together. Roll the hooks with your fingers to compress the joint then...
  16. BogusBlake

    New-to-me Toughbook

    Nope, but it's a CF-28, not a CF-19.
  17. BogusBlake

    OldSven's Tacoma

    You can pick up those fuse blocks at Checker. I use 'em on my buggy and so far, they've worked great.