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  1. ultraclyde

    Bad Elf or Garmin GLO

    We just added a windows 2-in-1 laptop to the household, and one of my plans for it is a GPS add-on so that the missus can be navigator with it in the tablet form. I've seen some cheap ($25) usb cable GPS receivers on Amazon, but I like the idea of bluetooth connectivity. For those of you using...
  2. ultraclyde

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    What's my dog doing in your truck?
  3. ultraclyde

    2016-2017 F150 4x4 EcoBoost - Real world experiences??

    Most online ads around here list the VIN number, and you can quickly get a copy of the original window sticker from Ford's website somewhere. A little google work will find you a link to the look-up page, they tend to move it around some. I spent months comparing window stickers on used trucks...
  4. ultraclyde

    F150 - 5.5' vs. 6.5' bed?

    I had a Super Cab 8' bed, OBS F250 and now have a 5.5' bed Crew cab '13 F150. Overall physical size of the trucks is shockingly similar. For what I do, the 5.5 is better. The one down side to the 5.5 is that my mountain bike barely fits in the bed with the tailgate closed and the front bike...
  5. ultraclyde

    Fully Electric F150 Tows a Train

    Towing the train is just a stunt. We all know that electric motors make tons of torque - that's why they use them in...uh...trains. The rest of the "prototype" could built any way they need to to roll a train. You could probably do it with any HD truck on the road today, at least for a little...
  6. ultraclyde

    Laptop vs tablet

    I just bought a Lenovo Yoga 730 laptop. The screen folds over completely so it can be used as a tablet too. So far I love it, gives a lot of use options from desk to couch to sitting in the truck. Plan is to add a GPS unit and let my wife run Nav on it as well as general household use. Anyway...
  7. ultraclyde

    Animal strikes and brush bars

    I wish ARB made a bumper for my 2013 F150. I like the way they look, but not the Ranch Hand ones. Honestly, not a fan of anything I've seen on the same year model truck actually.
  8. ultraclyde

    Animal strikes and brush bars

    that is the ONLY deer-moto story I've ever read where someone stayed up. Hell, it's one of the FEW I've heard where the rider walked away.
  9. ultraclyde

    Looking for AT Tires

    As I mentioned, I've seen about 1mpg drop in my calculated average fuel economy. I think this is partially from rolling resistance of the tread and partially from weight. The weight increase was made worse by going from P-rated tires to E-rated. We're talking adding 20 POUNDS PER WHEEL in...
  10. ultraclyde

    Looking for AT Tires

    Is this the thread to check in and recommend whatever tire you're currently running? Good, just wanted to make sure I was in the right place. I just put 175/70r18 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLTs on my '13 F150. They are probably a step more aggressive than you want, but "ve been impressed with them...
  11. ultraclyde

    Animal strikes and brush bars

    I've seen plenty of deer around here whose body would clear that lower bar when they're running, at least on a mildy lifted or stock vehicle. I think having something at least as tall as your hood line is a lot better.
  12. ultraclyde

    Animal strikes and brush bars

    Westin HDX with optional winch mount. Probably the best looking one I've seen for my truck which is the same bodystyle. Best comment yet. So what about increasing the chance of frame damage in a vehicle-vehicle accident since they're tied to the frame?
  13. ultraclyde

    Animal strikes and brush bars

    A lot of the guys in my area (SE US) that have brush bars on their vehicles never set a tire in the dirt. When asked about the brush bars they usually tell me it's to prevent damage from hitting whitetail deer - we have a LOT of them down here, often well over 100lbs. But every vehicle I've...
  14. ultraclyde

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Good to note. For hooliganism, add 5psi.
  15. ultraclyde

    Don’t air down Cooper tires!

    Meh. I've aired down Cooper AT3s with good results and will continue to do so. They're just covering their legal butts. I recently emailed them about street pressure on my new E rated AT3 XLTs and they responded with some similar boilerplate and links to the national tire association size/load...
  16. ultraclyde

    Beginner bike for a non-enthusiast

    I just saw this update - nice choice. My trail bike is Fuel EX8 from...2017 maybe? It's been a ton of fun, but you're right it's probably not the right tool for camping. But you can pick up a camping worthy bike a lot cheaper than a good dual suspension trail rig.
  17. ultraclyde

    F150 overland build

    Yeah, I've looked at that kit. I like it, and it would be massive overkill for a lightly modded truck - which is fine by me for cooling systems. It's probably cheapest to do the relocation and just buy the kit that puts a winch inside the factory bumper. Hmmm....Christmas list is starting to...
  18. ultraclyde

    F150 overland build

    Well, right. Plus you need a bigger opening to duct air to the intercooler. Thats why the removable winch mounting point would be needed.
  19. ultraclyde

    F150 overland build

    I just read through the whole thread. woof. I really like the Mercenary bumpers. Functional but low key. Checked their site and they aren't posted there. I agree I'd love to see a version with a vent for the EB intercooler, and perhaps a hitch or other QR winch mount.
  20. ultraclyde

    Bumper Burns

    It's been triple digits here for the last 4 days in ol' Georgia - a bit early even for us. I reached in the bed of my truck yesterday evening and nearly gave myself a third degree burn on the black aluminum of the tonneau cover. This started me thinking - it's de riguer for us all to have big...