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  1. rdraider

    Advice Needed

    Ok, so i've been looking around in this sub forum for little while and haven't found the info i'm looking for. So if this has been posted before and i'm just not good at searching please direct me. I'm not really new to photography, just a little rusty. As i am nearing completion of my truck...
  2. rdraider

    My homegrown pop top camper

    Here's the first pic of my home grown pickup camper. It'll have a pop top. That's my truck in the back ground. More to come
  3. rdraider

    F150 tire sizes/ gear ratio

    Hey Guys, Got a question. Im sure it probably on here somewhere but haven't found it yet, Ive got a stock 08 f150 with 3.55 limited slip. I'm guessing that with the leveling kit i could go 33"s but im thinking i should stay at 31 or 32"s. Its 4x4 reg cab short wide, with 4.6 v8. My plans are...
  4. rdraider

    Callen camper deal

    Never had one, but by the remarks on this forum, this is a heck of a deal. If i was in california i would definitely pick this up...