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    The Ati-Van, my type II ambo gnar-v build out.

    In June of 2016 I set out from the East coast to the Southwest for work in a roughly built, shoddy 2003 AWD GMC Savana. She was rusted, ugly and high miles. Her name was Vangela and I loved her. Very unfortunately she succumbed to her rusted frame (which was far worse than I had known) and sold...
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    Rear spare tire carrier options.

    Howdy y'all. I would love some input regarding options for a rear-tire carrier. I'm not interested in shelling out $2500 for Aluminess's overpriced (and yet, beautifully crafted) rear bumper with swingarms. The Jeep guys have 1000 options and I refuse to believe that for us the only option...