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    Best RTT to live in long term?

    The cheap Craigslist trailer is probably the way to go. And you could lock it up for a bit more security. Lots of well used old ones on craigs
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    Best RTT to live in long term?

    Do you want the RTT so you can break it down every morning? Is it a leave no trace, don't be seen kinda thing? If it's possible, I'd probably go with a big tent like this: Save the cash to buy a good cot and make a decent little home that you would have some...
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    3 season tent or 0 degree bag

    You can also go with bag liners like this: I have this one and like it. Also, it's easier to wash the liner than the bag...
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    Roninjiro aluminum Nissan D40 camper

    What's the plan of the top? Are you going to sew up a tent?
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    SLO's FWC Hawk Refurb/Build...

    I read on popupportal of a guy using ajax and a stiff brush to clean his canvas. Probably need to apply some sealer when it is finished.
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    Camp chef stove/oven? This one is only an oven but it smaller than the Camp Chef one. It is also only $70. Combined with my $40 two burner stove, it was much less than the cost of the combo unit.
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    Surefire: Headlamp on steroids -- the 500-lumen Maximus

    No doubt the Surefire is a higher quality light, but for me, paying 5x the price was not necessary.
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    Need good coffee for percolator

    My father is 100% Cajun, so I do enjoy Community and Mellow Joy.
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    Surefire: Headlamp on steroids -- the 500-lumen Maximus

    Not as compact but almost twice the lumens (900) and only $50 shipped. I have one on my bike and it's a pretty sweet deal.
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    Vintage RTT on CL Reno
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    Need good coffee for percolator

    I was mostly worried about getting a coarse enough grind, but I see that my local grocer has a grinder with a PERC setting, so I should be all set. Thanks guys.
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    Need good coffee for percolator

    I like this idea. Thanks for the tip.
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    Stealth Camper Build

    How about adding a couple popup/hybrid style fold down beds? Something like this:
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    Need good coffee for percolator

    I need some recommendations for a good store bought coffee for my percolator. I do not grind my own, so it has to come preground in a can. What do you guys recommend?
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    Foam mattress

    I bought my 4'x6'x3" foam at Mill End Fabric for $40.
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    Teal Panels modular camper

    Pretty neat. I'm thinking this would be a good alternative to a cabover.
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    Zodi Tent Heater

    another one
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    Pretty amazing Hummer trailer

    I wish I knew the purpose of the trailer and rig. That would help me decide what I thought of the set.
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    Zodi Tent Heater

    That one just sold for $202.
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    Zodi Tent Heater

    one on ebay right now.