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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    Tell that to the innocent victims of his deception and theft!
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    How long before he cooks the books...
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    SSR 140CC china bike

    Given the appalling lack of quality in the bearings you've so far removed, I hope that they've used higher quality bearings in the engine and gearbox! Your improvements are excellent and should make for improved reliability and running.
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    Brompton Folding Bicycles

    That's a very sharp looking bike, gorgeous! Looks to be a really nice ride and easy to transport.
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    Getting a Saab back off the road.

    Good on you for saving these two lovely cars, it's just awful to think that they'd have been crushed or put through a shredder! I'll follow your build with interest, there used to be loads of Saab's in this part of the world but now it's a treat to actually see one on the road. Another great...
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    Camper for the Cold

    The Russian made Planar Diesel Heater is a superb piece of kit made by the 3rd largest diesel heater manufacturer in the world! Planar like to design and manufacture everything in house and I believe that they actually make about 99% of the heater components in house rather than out source it.
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    Very happy with Hallmark during the whole order and customizing phase.

    It's good to hear that the company truly builds the camper to your personal specification, making it your Custom Camper. I've just been reading up on Hallmark and they are indeed impressive, being well designed and constructed with craftsmanship, and using high quality materials, components...
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    Go big or go home:

    This is a very interesting vehicle, but with the most horrific depreciation I've ever known for a vehicle that's only covered about 3,000 miles in 200 hours over 13 years and (presumably) been very well maintained and very lightly used! That apart, what an absolute gem of a find for $15,500 in...
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    Show us your things that flip/fold/slide/pop or otherwise open out/up

    This is an absolutely great fit out, the slide out bed is a really neat way to have everything contained. Never seen that base vehicle before, it looks to be a terrific choice to convert.
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    E350 10ft Box Van

    Good luck with the sale.
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    What a beautiful, light and airy tent you've created, it's a real breath of fresh air amongst the current market. If you have any information about a single person model I'd love to see it. Thank you.
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    Another Enclosed Trailer Build,

    I love this build, start off with something economical that'll work and fabricate, build, update and outfit as desired to have a good, functional camper that fulfills your needs, with money saved to take it places to enjoy!
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    Custom aluminum gladiator camper. Vagabond Vault

    If you'd have made your proof of concept mock-up version out of Coroplast, you could've actually gotten some time to practice camping with it, as the structure would be able to last a while.
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    Raising the roof

    Extremely impressive rigidity on that ambulance body! I had no idea that these were so comprehensively tested.
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    Another Spacekap Build

    Perhaps have a look at the Rigid Micro 12v DC Aircon, 13.3 x 8.2 x 5.7 inches, 11 pounds weight, $550 to $570. It was mentioned here on EP and looks really good.
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    New Alaskan side entry flatbed 8.5' build!!

    I love how you did the interior decor, it looks modern, light, airy and really comfortable. Your Travel Cabin is elegantly simple and simply elegant!
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    Hard-sided wedge style pop-up camper shell currently in development/testing in the mountains of Wyoming

    The strong, lightweight, composite bonded panels (SIP's) and the wedge design looks to offer a structurally rigid, well insulated, lightweight and spacious camper. I assume that your design will allow for loads to be carried on the roof and for the roof to be raised without having to unload...
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    Rigid HVAC Micro DC AirCon

    The 12v model is listed at $550 to $570. This looks to be just about perfect, a genuine 'State of the Art' Micro DC Aircon Unit!
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    The Expidithor - a 4x4 boat.

    An interesting take on the self launch/self retrieve boat concept. One yacht manufacturer has fitted their boat with pop-out tracks (similar to those fitted to a mini-excavator) mounted in the hull to self launch and retrieve. The Gibbs/Aquada type of retractable drive/steering wheels would...
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    Actually, it's EXACTLY that he walked away with their money! It's hardly that he was honest with his trusting victims whom he took money from in the full knowledge that they were never going to receive anything in return! To say that he lost more than his victims is utterly contemptible!