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    Best Portable Grill

    Today is a sad day for me as my Weber Go-Anywhere gas grill has finally died do to the NE rust. It lasted well over 10years! I could rebuild it, but parts are only 10 bucks less then buying a new model. It was easy to transport securely. The legs folded up to keep it closed. Propane allowed it...
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    Wildlife Photography

    Any other wildlife photographers care to share some images? Some from last year. Darner in the White Mountains, NH Coopers hawk waiting for the bus. Massachusetts' Barred owl
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    Random dog shots

    I thought that we could use a place to put random shots of our dogs. This is Jake. We just adopted him right after I got my 06 Taco. It was one of the reasons for getting it actually. Those opening Ex. Cab doors are great. He has major beer goggles. Notice the stack of kayaks nex to the...
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    Upgrading to an 06

    Well i am about to upgrade my 02 4cyl 5 spd x-cab to an 06 6cyl x-cab. I should never have taken a test drive. I cant decide on the 6 speed manual or the auto. The auto is 1k more, but from my research tends to see more mpgs, so preice is not a factor. I use my truck as a shuttle rig for...