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    VW Golf Country 4x4 LHD - UK

    This lovely, rare Golf is currently on Ebay UK, here.
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    Reynolds Boughton RB 44 Pick Up/Demountable Pickup Hard Side Body

    Witham are offering a very neat RB44, here.
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    BMW Multi Trailer & Maggiolina RTT - UK

    Here's a BMW Multi Trailer with an unused Maggiolina RTT. The BMW Multi Trailer converts to a flat bed motorcycle trailer by removing the detachable body.
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    Iveco 4x4 Expedition - UK

    This looks to be a potentially interesting base for an expo camper.
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    Interesting find on eBay UK, here.
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    Demountable Camper Project! UK

    Just found this interesting Suntrekker demountable camper, fitted with a professional water purification system! On sale at $3,973 or $3,178 without the water system. These units were made by coachbuilder's B.Walker & Son of Watford, UK, the maker of the 'Truckman Tops' and canopies for pick...
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    VW Golf Country 4x4 LHD

    This is on Don't see many of these here, especially LHD.
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    Steyr Puch: Pinzgauer 6x6 Ambulance

    Three (3) low mileage, fully insulated, ambulance bodied vehicles for sale, here.
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    1979 PEUGEOT 504 "LOISIRS" Prototype!

    I've loved this truck ever since I first saw it as a concept... And now it's actually for sale, here! (Scroll down the page for English listing). What a great base for a pop top expo truck! They're selling off a collection of concept and prototype vehicles on this site, check the other...
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    Mitsubishi L200 4x4 Demountable Camper

    This little gem is currently on Notice how the wind down legs are mounted within the camper body, rather than hanging out the sides.
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    Pop Up & Slide Out Camper!

    I'm posting this thread to show an interesting take on a hard sided pop up/slide out camper, the configuration of which may be of interest to someone wanting a DIY, demountable, flatbed camper that has a small, low 'footprint' whilst offering good accommodation. The camper shown is fitted onto...
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    Beautiful '74 Unimog

    Spotted this on a link from Retro Rides, and it's a beauty, here's the link.
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    Luxury coachbuilt expedition vehicle

    This is Large!
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    Project 4x4 (Aircooled) Truck - Robur Lo 2002 A

    This looks to have potential for a project, it's listed as Robur Lo 2002 A, with a Deutz air cooled engine.
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    Unusual Camper!

    I just came across this pic and thought that I'd share it. The vehicle is higher than it is long!
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    Puch Halflinger Project!

    Here's a rare little beast, which has not been taxed for road use since 1994 (according to the online check I did).
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    Peugeot 504D (Diesel) Pick Up Truck

    This gorgeous, 1 owner, 82,000 miles, 1987 Peugeot 504D two wheel drive truck is currently on eBay. The simplicity, reliability, capacity and potential makes it very interesting! (To me ).
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    Discovery Motorhome on eBay.

    Whilst looking for a van sink, the listing for this beastie came up (I've no association to the seller).