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    M416 trailer for sale CA

    Trailer is sold
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    M416 trailer for sale CA

    Where is SoCal are you? A few guys in my dept live down there but I'm not sure where they live and who drives and flys to and from? Or if they have ability to tow. I'll check tomorrow.
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    M416 trailer for sale CA

    1967 M416 trailer for sale in San Francisco east Bay Area. Excellent shape, newer military tires with military spare mounted underneath. Was original camo color before I rattle canned it to match my CJ8. Registered in CA with just under two years remaining on tag. Hand brakes and lighting work...
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    1966 M416 on CL, San Francisco Bay Area

    I saw a M416 on Craigslist, just posted today. I could not get link to upload but if you just search M416 it comes right up. Looked real clean and almost all original. I think guy was asking $1,500. No phone number listed.
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    Goverment surplus action several M416 trailers

    Was surfing on Goverment Surplus Auction site and saw several M416 trailers up for auction ending 5/3/2012. Location is Sparta, WI facility. All carry military paint and numbers. Did not think there were very many of these trailers left out there being auctioned by military. Might be a deal for...