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    1990 Toyota Townace

    We are overlanders, our rig is currently stored in Faro, Portugal. We took a break for the winter in Los Angeles, CA. When we learned that Covid 19 will most likely prevent us from traveling outside of the US in 2020. We made plan "B" decided to travel the US since we could not get out. We...
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    Nullacruising: Los Angeles, CA to Eurasia-Africa and Beyond

    We are shipping our homemade rig name Nulla to Zeebrugge, Belgium first week of December 2018 to begin our travel in Eurasia-Africa and beyond. Our immediate "plan" after we pick up Nulla in January 2019 is to travel south (for warm weather) to Spain and Portugal, and then Morocco. We have...
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    Door dead bolt locks

    What door locks do you use to secure the door on your rig? Thanks
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    All alluminum toy hauler/camper

    Change of plans. Originally our plan was to drive from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to South America. Now coming back from 6 months in Alaska / Canada we are ready to cross the Pacific and head to Asia / Europe. Planning to buy bikes in Vietnam so it is time to let our trailer go. We built it to...
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    water heater

    What are you using for water heater? We want to install about a 6 gallon water heater on our rig for shower. Just got back from Alaska, we are now preparing our rig for the next journey. We are not taking the trailer for the next journey. thx here is our FB
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    From Los Angeles to Alaska

    We are wandering North toward Alaska for the summer. Currently in Solano County. If you are traveling coastal route is it over the top raining? Our Fb @nullacruising our website We have not been able to update Fb.thx
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    positioning map on the website

    this maybe something very simple. we are getting ready to leave for Alaska in 30 days and then south america. my question is what map program to use to place positioning and planned route on the website? i see them on some overlanding websites. thx
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    not sure if this is the place to post this. we are traveling to central and south america in january 2017. is there a wifi we can use on our vehicle while on travel? thx
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    what solar panel to use

    many years ago this forum was very useful in setting up the solar system on my rig. now i want to put a solar panel on my toy hauler. i have a lots of space on the roof 8'x 8'. i am building the toy hauler now so this is the time to figure out solar panel location. i basically want to fill up...
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    Dexter torsion axel, wheels and tires

    the axel, tire and wheel came off an Alumna 6810 trailer 2200 pound, only has a about 600 miles on it. $400. would prefer local pick up, i will ship if help me figure out how to and you pay the cost.thx i am in Los Angeles, Ca
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    retrofitting aluminum trailer

    i am retrofitting the Alumna 6810 trailer into an enclosed toy hauler for a side car, increasing max load from 2200 pound to 6000 pounds capacity. (the 2200 pound Dexter axel, wheels and tires is for sale) here is the side car build...
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    what is a good power inverter for my system?

    all of you have been very helpful on my solar set up here is the link now we want to add a 1500 watt blender on our appliances. my thinking is to leave the current morning star inverter for...
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    want to buy 79" camping lab awning

    79 inches camping lab awning:coffeedrink:
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    sold 5 BF goodrich 35x12.50 and wheels Los Angeles, Ca

    the tires have about 25,000 miles on them. these tires are are load rated C i am selling all for $800. or B.O. local pick up only. the spare tire was never used. there are coming off a 40 series land cruiser 6 lugs.:coffeedrink:
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    Baja 2012 to usher in the New Year 2013!!!!!

    we are getting ready to drive to Baja California leaving Saturday from Los Angeles. we are looking for suggestion of a place/event to visit , we are are totally open to suggestion. a beach, a village or a festival in town whatever. we will be in Baja for about 2 weeks. this is our second trip to...
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    inside walls and sound proofing

    i am preparing to work on the inside of my rig this weekend and next weekend i am wondering what are you all using that is light weigh for both walls and sound proofing. here is a picture of the inside of my rig it is not that big.
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    Portable Lewis winch

    does anyone have experience with a Lewis Winch i like the idea of a portable winch so i do not have to carry it around when i am in town. Plus the benefit of having a chainsaw, challenge is that my rig is...
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    portable winch

    i search i saw one thread on a super winch on a bag, but nothing else. i have a vehicle over 8000 pound, i am looking for a recommendation for a portable winch. i just do not want to carry that weight around when i don't need it would rather turn that area where the winch go into a tool storage...
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    what solar panel to use

    this question probably been posted before. what is the largest solar panel you can use to charge a 12 volt battery? i have limited space on my rig so i want to put a single panel that has the highest amp, most efficient and most appropriate for over landing application. when i called around i...
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    sound deadening - noxudol

    anyone have experience with this product? i am using it primarily for sound deadening....thanks hope i am in the correct thread:wings: