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    Hot shower using exhaust heat exchanger

    Has anyone built a heat exchanger that uses the tailpipe gases to heat water for a shower? I'm considering the tailpipe instead of tapping in the engine bay so htat the same heat exchanger can be moved to a power generator instead of the vehicle. Any experience/advice with this is welcome.
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    Sahre your DIY sand ladder / recovery track

    Looking for idea for a cheap and effective recovery track, mostly for snow. I've seen people use fibergrate like this I've seen the CES Offroad on amazon for cheap here: I'm thinking the cheapest way may be to glue harbor freight treat covers back to back...
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    Would you use brake hose to make air hose?

    My cheapo chinese coiled air hose split. I have a spool of brake hose that looks much stronger. Would it be ok to just add air fittings to a length of brake hose to rig a stronger air hose? I'd like hydraulice pressures within a brake line are much higer (10x) that that of an air compressor.
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    3D printer weekend project

    Suppose you had access to a 3D printer for the weekend. What would you build for your expo?
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    Compressed air solution

    What is your compressed air solution for long-term self-reliance? There are common compressed air solution for: - 4 wheelers who air-up/air-down their tires before imparting abuse on their vehicles. Solution usually entails ARB compressors or CO2 tanks. - Rigs with air horns. Usually a...