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  1. IdaSHO

    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    Alright, we are pulling the trigger on a color change. I have the time to do it before our next big trip, so now is the chance... The entire thing will be coated using Monstaliner. But I need your help with colors, er... grays... Bright white to match the truck is just entirely too much white...
  2. IdaSHO

    Low BTU AC options ---> turned cheapo 5kBTU install in the Idacamper2.0

    Very little offerings for small campers I know. Ours is less than 80sq feet, and less than 300 cubic feet of air to condition. Even a 5kBTU unit is overkill.... We are getting closer and closer to hitting the road full time, and have summer trip coming up, to the heart of texas. So adding AC...
  3. IdaSHO

    SSR 140CC china bike

    Alright, feel free to shoot me already :ROFLMAO: But I'm seriously considering one of these for our "exploration" bike. I'm in the market for a sub 200# dirt bike. One that goes with on full time with the camper. Lightweight, cheap, great for scouting ahead, exploring around, or quick trips...
  4. IdaSHO

    Backpacking rod & reel options

    Looking for suggestions here. The wife has the fishing bug, and has been borrowing her dads backpacking rod and reel on recent trips, and I would like to set her up with something of her own as a gift. I'm after a rod and reel. The market seems flooded with gear, and Id like your suggestions...
  5. IdaSHO

    Android Tablets, Gaia GPS, and minimum specs and operating system?

    Been running Gaia for a few years on a spare I-Phone 6, but would like to step up to a larger unit. It works great for backpacking, but is just too small for vehicle based. Not wanting to spend a bunch, Ive been looking at cheap Android tablets. Running Gaia, is there a general minimum spec...
  6. IdaSHO

    Single vs dual batteries, winching, house bank, and charging

    Currently laying out the electrical requirements for a 2011 Super duty gasser (6.2) Though Im struggling a bit with the camper/house battery bank charging as well as the winch power needs. I welcome any input. The truck has a 150A alternator and group 65 ~800 CCA Battery, stock. Truck will...
  7. IdaSHO

    MC4 dust caps

    Anyone have a source, stateside, that sells MC4 dust caps? Seems the only option my google-fu is producing is in china. Thanks all.
  8. IdaSHO

    Meadowcraft Rotomold Coolers

    Anyone get their hands on one of these coolers yet? They seem super nice, and considerably cheaper than a Yeti
  9. IdaSHO

    TJ Seat Covers

    So what is everyone running for seat covers? Our TJ has a set of Mastercraft Baja RS seats in it, which are super nice, and Id like to keep them that way. So I'm looking for covers. Any recommendations? Or does anyone know what seat covers fit these seats best?
  10. IdaSHO

    Interested in having your DIY build hosted?

    ::MODS:: If this is out of place or breaking any rules, please let me know. Just a thought... I've had a SLEW of folks interested in help/insite to DIY camper builds. And it certainly is fun and satisfying to help things along, one of the big reasons why I like to remain so active on the...
  11. IdaSHO

    Super clean Subaru GL ::SOLD::

    1984 Subaru GL wagon Located in Moscow, ID Currently listed at $10,000 locally, but will consider any reasonable offer. _ _ _ _ Recent changes have forced me to consider selling this awesome Subaru. So its up for grabs. Saddens me a bit.... :( This Subaru deserves to be garaged, and I...
  12. IdaSHO

    DC - DC low amp smart charger

    Im looking something to plug into the truck tow harness for 12V to charge/maintain a motorcycle battery. Moto will be hitch mounted, and am looking for a simple, low amp DC-DC smart/trickle charger. Anyone ever see such a thing? Thanks :sombrero:
  13. IdaSHO

    2003 Ford E 550 SD w/ 14' flatbed. - $9000 (Boise, ID)

    This is a pretty odd duck. But would be a pretty good base for something fun :ylsmoke: No affiliation
  14. IdaSHO

    Custom camper, insurance coverage?

    For those that have had a custom camper built or have built their own, how about insurance coverage? If you have coverage, how are you doing it, and how much does it cost? Im assuming to have it insured it will have to be registered. And in order to register, it needs to have a title...
  15. IdaSHO

    Best wire sizing chart Ive found to date

    Just wanted to share this mornings find. Ive seen and consulted quite a few wire sizing charts over the years, even have one laminated and on the wall of my shop for quick reference. For 12V applications for medium to large AMP loads, this is by far the best Ive found. Knowing your load is...
  16. IdaSHO

    Solar Update Ecoworthy MPPT + 48V panels

    As an FYI, it looks like the cheapo EcoWorthy MPPT charge controller can handle my 48V solar setup. I had my doubts, but a few trips now, and months of use, and everything seems to be good to go. Figured somebody else could benefit from this info. The ecoworthy charge controller is just...
  17. IdaSHO

    Importance of open circuit voltage rating

    I may have made a bit of a mistake. Maybe you can tell me if I did, or if it may actually work out okay. 36V solar array. Max open circuit voltage of 45.5V 20A MPPT charge controller spec'd with a max open circuit voltage of 42V Am I in trouble? Are the specs THAT critical? Will this...
  18. IdaSHO

    Vertical rear wall bike mounts

    Im having trouble finding some vertical bike mounts for the rear of my custom camper. Looking to mount two bikes between the window and the drivers wall, without the need to remove the front tires. Any tips? Thanks! :ylsmoke:
  19. IdaSHO

    About to pull the trigger on a solar system. Thoughts about this system?

    Hi guys, Just about to pull the trigger on a solar system for my custom camper. Im set on 250+ watts. And with the roof layout, 3 panels are needed due to space. Im looking at this one... not necessarily the ebay offering, but this system...
  20. IdaSHO

    Generator + deep cycles. Charger or converter?

    Working out some of the logistics for my camper build. Ive got a EU2000 honda and two 232ah deep cycles (6v). What would be the best and/or fastest way to utilize the generator to re-charge this battery bank? Looking at basic high amp "portable" chargers, it seems like you can get more bang...