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    99 Vortec 5.7 ... stupidity problem

    Hey all: I’m suffering from a possible case of cranial-rectal-insertion. Maybe you can help me out? About a year ago I took apart a 99 Suburban with a 5.7 Vortec. Now I’m trying to get it back on the road and can’t seem to properly place the wiring harness brackets that appear to bolt to the...
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    Gauging Interest Series II 88” Project?

    So, certain levels of domestic terrorism are pressuring me to consider selling some of my treasures. I should have avoided wedding cake. This probably isn’t the best marketplace, but I don’t want to join a bunch of forums for nothing. Is anyone interested in a huge pile of parts that can...
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    Free: ARB 47 L BOX ONLY

    Every now and then you hear about people having to ship their ARB back for service and not having a box anymore... so I kept mine. 6 years in I’ve never needed it, so I’m going to tempt fate and cut it up for recycling unless someone wants it. Box is free but you pay shipping if you don’t...
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    Finally did solar in my JK

    I’ve been messing around for a year or so with some solar components trying to set them up on the Jeep. Around Christmas, I finally tore the dash apart and ran wiring to the roof, the battery, and the passenger footwell. Today I mounted the controller after making a little bracket for it...
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    RustOleum Spray Bedliner Experiences?

    On my trucks I’ve always sworn by Line-X. I did the interior of a blazer with Herculiner once, while very strong/hard it wasn’t thick and never seemed to build enough for any sound deadening. Sold the truck after 2 years so I don’t know how well it held up. I recently tried some RustOleum...
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    Modifying my AT Chaser

    So, I was the lucky purchaser of a 2007 AT Chaser last fall. It was a pretty nice deal, although I had to drive 600 miles for it. I’m sort of pre-wired to modify and overhaul things, so it didn’t take long to decide I wasn’t going to live with a few little things I wanted to change. This is...
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    SOLD: Tepui Kukenam 3 Sky - Fresno CA

    TENT SOLD ON CRAIGSLIST - thank you for looking. Selling Kukenam Sky model. 3 Person Size. Haze Grey. Blue Rainfly. Added strips of LED lighting with lamp cord switches inside. Upgraded all zipper pulls with paracord that matches rainfly. Upgraded ladder hold-down strap with quick release...
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    AT Chaser Wheel Adapters

    So, I bought a used AT Chaser with Toyota wheels, would like to run JK wheels. Anyone know of a specific spacer/adapter to change the trailer to the JK wheel? Anyone have a Chaser set up the other way and want to trade?
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    Extendable tongue? Regrets?

    So I recently got an AT Chaser for my Jeep. I’m liking it so far, but it took all of 12 seconds to realize that it can’t / won’t allow the back of the Jeep to open while hitched. Given that disconnecting a max coupler each and every time I want something from the back of the Jeep, I see 2...
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    Oil cooler housing part number?

    High frustration here. I’m leaking oils down the back of engine again. About 10 months / 18k miles ago this happened and I had an Oil Filter Housing / Cooler changed in Moab. I’m well aware of parts infant mortality, and recognize this may just be a simple failure, but I’m confused by what...
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    05 F250 6.0 Crew Cab 4x4

    An expedition vehicle waiting for conversion? I’m selling my 2005 F250 Crew Cab 6.0 Diesel 4x4 Auto with 6.5’ Bed. Completely stock truck except for an added coolant filter. 137,000 Miles. Fresno, CA (no rust). Lemon Law Buyback branded title. I’ve owned it for about 12 years and about...
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    Charge Controller Operating Envelope?

    I’ve decided to take the solar plunge. Like so many projects, I have grand plans that will probably be limited by a series of cost and construction ion considerations long before I see power to a battery, but I’m still in theory (fantasy) land, so I have a theory question: Is it generally...
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    Replacing Reverse Protection Diode?

    So, my CB recently mysteriously started blowing fuses as soon as they touch the fuse holder terminals. My best efforts at google searching seem to indicate that the “Reverse Protection” diode has failed. I’m not concerned about my ability to solder in a new one, but ai am concerned about why...
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    Winch Grounding?

    Hi. In very broad terms, do most electric winches ground through their mounting bolts? I have a Warn M8000 in my Jeep, running separate battery cables all the way back to the battery. The battery is a dual terminal marine style and the winch wiring is separate from the rest of the vehicle...
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    Damaged JKU Gobi stealth

    When I bought my Gobi stealth rack, the main basket was bent pretty badly by a forklift before delivery. They sent me another, so now I have the main piece sitting around. I was always planning to chop it up to make another basket for a trailer or something. Now I’m cleaning up. If you want...
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    1961 Rover Diesel

    I have a 2.0 Liter Diesel from my 1961 88” rover. It is in extremely bad shape, head has been off and barn/weather stored for at least 30 years. If anyone wants it for parts, I think most of the injection system and whatnot is there. Really cheap, make offer, you haul. Fresno CA. Other...
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    Recommend a Vortec overhaul kit?

    Hey all, Long story short, I needed a really cheap SUV to send to family back east. I found a 99 suburban 5.7 for $500 with a blown head gasket but otherwise looking recoverable. The 5.7 Vortec was overheated when a hose broke, causing the engine overheat and blown gasket. Oil is pure...
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    Webbing / Strap Question

    The sewing thread reminded me of a question / challenge I’ve run into recently. I purchased a roll of 1” strap from Amazon or Strapworks, can’t recall which as it was almost a year ago. I planned to make some custom adjustable straps to add to my rooftop tent and some gear securement I was...
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    Need pic of WK2 backing plate

    Has anyone done a brake job on their WK2 and happen to have a picture of the rear backing plate with the parking shoes and rotor removed? My Google fu is failing me today.
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    Tepui Ladder Issues

    Hey all, Has anyone ever disassembled a Tepui telescoping ladder? I’m having constant issues with the one on my Kukenam and I’m pretty sure that something is either sticking or broken inside the mechanism. Details: I’ve had 3 different Tepui tents, and this is the first one I’ve bought...