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  1. corbin8or

    camping lab RTT

    Only selling because my new job includes selling tepui RTTs have loved thus tent for years. Fernando is a great guy and has even sent people our way if he is out of tents. We will do the same! There are two minor things with this tent, neither have been an issue at all, just being honest. Small...
  2. corbin8or

    Zebra Built awnings!

    You asked for it! You are going to get it! I have been asked/prodded by some friends to stop messing around and make stuff! So, there is an awning in the works... Hope to have a prototype at EXPO. Please be kind, I am making this in a week so material is only for mock up... I am finishing up...
  3. corbin8or

    propane tank storage

    I have been playing around with stuff and made a little dual 11 pound propane tank holder. It takes up 6 inches less depth than a 20 pound tank and you get more fuel and the flexibility of taking one tank off while leaving one with trailer for kitchen stuff! I'll post pictures soon. I am also...
  4. corbin8or

    Zebra Sports adventure to Moab

    Just got back from a great 4 days of adventure in Moab! Started the trip with a great bike ride down a great road through one of the parks. Day 2 was an all day whitewater rafting trip down the West Water section of the Colorado River! what a run! if you go to Moab check out Splore for a river...
  5. corbin8or

    1991 Coleman Roanoke

    I would like to move this camper... I have redone the flooring and some of the siding inside. it still needs the stove and sink side finished but is already plumbed and such, only cabinet work to be done. I had custom canvas done and it has never been used... 2 queen size beds and a shop sink...
  6. corbin8or

    Phoenix CL find land cruiser aux. tank
  7. corbin8or

    My friend in Reno it is very very nice...
  8. corbin8or

    ZebraSports finished with Spinal cord retreat

    it was a great weekend of learning and interaction for all! It turns out my computer liked being plugged in more than battery power... hmmm. Both Darol and I had a great turnout for our combined effort on outdoor exploration by demo'ing our tent set-ups, I wish I would have had a second RTT on...
  9. corbin8or

    ZebraSports kicking off in a big way

    Corbin here, just checking in with some big news... I am teaching at an outdoor rec. section for the AZ spinal cord association's annual reatreat.:victory: I am teaching wheelchair skills, wheelchair repair and back country camping and overlanding for wheelchair users for the next three days. I...
  10. corbin8or

    Marble Canyon and Glen's Caynon

    Just got back from spending a couple days exploring this area! WOW what a cool weekend! Started off with a few friends taking a trip to remember our friend that died last year... 11 of us went up 8 adults a 7, 4 and 22 month old. What fun Yesterday we took 6 kayaks up the Colorado river a few...
  11. corbin8or

    1994 Trooper question.

    does anyone know if an automatic tranny could be installed in a 94 trooper that is a 5 speed right now? would I have to do CP too? I need a second vehicle and have a good deal in front of me... but I need automatic.
  12. corbin8or

    Forward from a friend of mine...

    here is my friend's Trooper for sale on CL it is 4x4!!
  13. corbin8or

    Phoenix CL

    saw this and thought I'd put it here... no affiliation
  14. corbin8or

    Quadraplegic reaches North Pole!!

    TORONTO, April 13 (UPI) -- The first known quadriplegic person was documented reaching the North Pole, where he raised a blue disabled parking sign from his wheelchair. A news release issued Monday in Toronto said lawyers David Shannon and Chris Watkins and support crew reached the magnetic...
  15. corbin8or

    Upper Salt run from a wheelchair

    I just got home from my day that started with a 5am wake up... yes I'm writing this at midnight! I met most of the group in Scottsdale and the rest in Globe around 9ish We got to the put in and got 21 passes for the entire group that included about 7 single amputees and 1 double. There were...
  16. corbin8or

    Off road Handcycle

    this is what I use to go hiking and just get out there where i can't go in my wheelchair..
  17. corbin8or

    Disabled Explorers and Overland Journal attend AZ Game and Fish Outdoor Expo

    The last two days have been long and exciting! Lance and I (with some help from our better halves and one of his small ones) teamed up with Brian (with his wife and children) from Overland journal to display 4 RTTs (all different brands even) and 3 different overland vehicle options and an...
  18. corbin8or

    A Wheelchair Dudes Dodge Dakota build

    I just thought I would start my own thread about the build up of my rig, a 2003 Dodge Dakota. When I started with DE I thought about getting something else but after driving it offroad on a few trips with Lance and Wil, I have found it to be a great platform for this "hobby" we all share...