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  1. IdaSHO

    Go big or go home:

    I wouldnt expect less than an infinity pool, myself ;) On a serious note as far as fasteners go... if you are epoxy coating & painting, unless you are using stainless screws, Id very much suggest stainless brad nails. Much cheaper, easier assembly, and being stainless you will have no...
  2. IdaSHO

    [solved] Floor plugs for seat bolt holes

    I've used nylon in the past. No sealant needed, and will never corrode in place. Even if they get stuck, just drill on the centers and break them out.
  3. IdaSHO

    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    Its a tough stigma to crack, that's for sure. Not helped by all the **** truck and trailer campers that were built using stapled wood & aluminum siding. Only drawback is labor during construction. It is labor intensive. Beyond that, zero drawbacks Ive experienced. Single biggest benefit...
  4. IdaSHO

    SSR 140CC china bike

    I hear ya about the bearings.... Fortunately the YX140 engine has a very good reputation. But if it has problems, Ill fix those as well :ROFLMAO: At least the motor is used widely enough that parts are available. I did get the bike street legal and licensed, but no other updates. Still...
  5. IdaSHO

    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    Original build was actually posted on Pirate, but has essentially been lost due to broken image links. I did post a thread just prior to that on Expo, that got seemed to invite the typical anything-made-of-wood haters :ROFLMAO: It is here...
  6. IdaSHO

    Tent Decision

    Both Marmot and MSR make great tents. If you are looking at those, be sure to add BigAgnes to your list. Our current tent is a BigAgnes Copper Spur HV. Im impressed.
  7. IdaSHO

    Low voltage shutoff protection

    Cheapest? or suggested? Loads of these cheap units available. They seem to work well out of the box...
  8. IdaSHO

    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    Always naysayers, or those that think you need a space shuttle to travel in :ROFLMAO: Wood has its place, but it isnt for everyone. Most are simply too lazy to fully commit to a project like this. Done right, it is excellent. Not perfect, but excellent.
  9. IdaSHO

    Low BTU AC options ---> turned cheapo 5kBTU install in the Idacamper2.0

    We will probably do that anyhow, so we don't have to listen to the noise. (y)
  10. IdaSHO

    Flooring Options in Composite Panel Campers?

    I epoxy coated our floor using a garage floor epoxy. That keeps the camper happy. Then covered with a quality wool berber carpet. That keeps our toes happy. If you drag any moisture into the camper, you will want at least some good size floor mats. We have dogs, and travel in all seasons, so...
  11. IdaSHO

    Low BTU AC options ---> turned cheapo 5kBTU install in the Idacamper2.0

    That's how ACs work ;) Like I said guys, I have no doubts this will work, but only time and use will prove just how well it will. And as a last ditch option, I can add a fan to increase the volume of air drawn thru the side vent. A thru-wall setup is nothing special. Only difference is that...
  12. IdaSHO

    RustOleum Spray Bedliner Experiences?

    Rustoleum isnt anything great. If you want a good DIY spray in, stick to Raptor or Monstaliner. Both are incredibly tough, provided you follow the prep and install directions to the letter.
  13. IdaSHO

    Low BTU AC options ---> turned cheapo 5kBTU install in the Idacamper2.0

    Im well aware of how ACs work, but thanks :ROFLMAO: FYI, this setup has more clearance around the unit than a similar thru-wall setup. I'm confident it will work. It will come down to just how efficiently it will work ;)
  14. IdaSHO

    A Truck Camper like no other

    I don't see you getting 16's to fit anything with modern disc brakes. The front rotors/calipers on my "little" 3/4 ton don't even fit within most 17's.
  15. IdaSHO

    Tire and pressure advice

    Don't be too concerned about actual numbers. Valve stem types can only be so accurate. Being on the end of the valve stem, they seem to be more accurate at slow speeds than high. My theory is the faster wheel speed cools the little sensors, making the readings lower than actual. Regardless...
  16. IdaSHO

    2020 Overlander ERD 28' 4x4 Diesel Expedition Vehicle - $189000 (Longmont)

    To be fair, most do not need the high end quality a composite build gets you. No matter which way you go, you loose your ass on the "investment" anyhow.
  17. IdaSHO

    Tire and pressure advice

    On my Superduty, I shut the OEM TPMS system off, in order to run lower than OEM spec pressures. I use a very simple and inexpensive external TPMS setup, that also monitors temps. Lots of variants out there, all of which are import made, but are effective and seemingly reliable. Like this...
  18. IdaSHO

    Tire and pressure advice

    Only comment I have is about side walls and heat. The Load F tires will have significantly stiffer sidewalls than the E. When aired down to a similar contact patch, the F will require a lower pressure, and will generate heat faster. So keep an eye on the sidewalls, and tire temps, regardless...
  19. IdaSHO

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    You've got it close enough for now. Just be wary of vibrations. I have serious trouble believing there is no damage to components, with such a terrible toe alignment.
  20. IdaSHO

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    Definitely have a good shop check the front end over well. These new trucks ask a lot of the ball joints and tie rods. Good reason why they are so huge.... even then they are prone to death wobble and other odd vibrations with the slightest wear. I stick with OEM Motorcraft for everything...