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  1. gjackson

    For Sale: 1995 Range Rover Classic featured in Overland Journal

    The 1995 Range Rover Classic SWB featured in Overland Journal and currently seen here on Expedition Portal is for sale! Asking price: $12,000 Chassis mileage: ~200,000 Engine milage: ? <200,000 *Salvage title due to hail damage. The hail damage isn't horrible, but the value of RRCs is such that...
  2. gjackson

    FS: Camping Lab awning and speaker box

    In the midst of a garage clean out and have no use for the following items. Prices do not include shipping. Email me at crolis(at)yahoo(dot)com if interested. Camping Labs roof top tent annex. Attaches to the bottom of the open tent to give a room below the tent. This is brand new and never...
  3. gjackson

    Garage Sale: Land Rover Parts + some random things

    Found some stuff in the garage that I need to get rid of. Prices do not include shipping. Email me at crolis(at)yahoo(dot)com if you have questions or want to purchase anything. Set of 4 Land Rover 16" alloy wheels. These are off a 1995 RRC and will fit any Defender, RRC or Disco I. Lug nuts...
  4. gjackson

    NLX Fin del Mundo: The world didn't end and I feel fine . . .

    The 'end' of the Mayan calendar (or rather the end of the 13th Bak'tun and the start of the 14th), has been anticipated all year by many around the globe. Those who love conspiracy dubbed it 'the end of the world' and we at No Limit X put together an expedition to commemorate the Fin del Mundo...
  5. gjackson

    Tracks4Africa working on new automotive navigation solution - Press Release

    27 July 2011 - Stellenbosch, South Africa Tracks4Africa working on new automotive navigation solution Tracks4Africa has announced cooperation with iGO My way Navigation and Planet Electronics on a new automotive navigation solution that will unveil a new era for in-vehicle navigation in...
  6. gjackson

    HAM info for those attending Overland Expo 2011

    For those of you attending the Overland Expo in Amado AZ, here is some com info for HAM users. The event call sign is W7E and general event traffic will be on 146.460 simplex. We will also have use of the Elephant Head repeater 145.29 Tone 107.2 for "talk in". Steve Gross will function as the...
  7. gjackson

    Dakar 2011; Amazing Pics

    Thanks to Troy who sent me this link. I didn't see it here and thought others would enjoy: cheers
  8. gjackson

    Overland Journal Classic Build: 1995 Range Rover

    Now that Scott has completed (?) his Discovery build that was featured both here and in the Journal, it is time to introduce the new Overland Journal project vehicle. Kindly donated to the cause by Land Rover Las Vegas, this will be a pretty simple, budget build of what is arguably the best...
  9. gjackson

    1989 RRC incomplete / parts

    For sale complete or to part out: 1989 Range Rover Classic This is a solid but used 1989 RRC without drivetrain. It was adapted for a 300tdi which I am now moving to a different truck. This truck has been wheeled fairly hard and has the scratches and minor dents to prove it. The wheel arches...
  10. gjackson

    Join NLX & OT on scouting mission to Belize: July 31 - Aug 14

    Central America Scouting Trip July 31 &#8211; August 14, 2010: $3,200 inclusive No Limit Expeditions is offering a rare opportunity for select individuals to join our preliminary scouting trip across the wilds of Central America. We will spend 14 days traversing jungle tracks through Belize...
  11. gjackson

    Adventure Trailers becomes Overland Certified

    Adventure Trailers, becomes an “Overland Certified Company”. For Immediate Release Martyn Davies, Vice President Adventure Trailers 877-661-8097 Adventure Trailers, manufacturer of Expedition Trailers and Overland Equipment has become a member of the elite group of...
  12. gjackson

    The first Overland Training WFA class

    This past weekend Overland Training and Remote Medical International teamed up to provide the first ever Wilderness First Aid course geared specifically for overlanders. In addition to the standard WFA course material, we got training on international medicine, vehicle extractions, crash helmet...
  13. gjackson

    Impressions of the AT Teardrop

    So Martyn and Mario were kind enough to loan Connie and I the prototype AT Teardrop for our recent Overland Training alumni trip to Baja. Since several people asked, I though I'd throw out some impressions of the trailer. The Teardrop takes care of two essential aspects of overland conveyance...
  14. gjackson

    Press Release: Nemo Equipment becomes Overland Certified

    NEMO Equipment, Inc. Named Overland Certified Company For Immediate Release Kate Ketschek, Director of Marketing and Public Relations 603-881-9353 (o) 603-913-9925 (c) {Nashua, NH} – NEMO Equipment, Inc., manufacturer of extreme conditions and AirSupported tents and...
  15. gjackson

    . . . one is never enough.

    Being the owner of a 110, I am often asked what my 'next' truck will be. Well, it's obvious, and today, after a lot of work I added the next truck to the fleet. Here she is, still on the transporter in front of our house, because . . . :coffeedrink: cheers
  16. gjackson

    Food: one of the treasures of travel

    I've been going through a lot of pictures of our travels recently, and every now and again a group will jump out at me. So just because I love food and love to experience the local food when traveling, here is a sample of what we found in Morocco. The ubiquitous tagine, this one made with fish...
  17. gjackson

    Garage sale, mostly LR stuff, some free

    I would prefer to get rid of all items locally, but am willing to ship (as listed) as long as receiver pays shipping before I send items out. Only taking PayPal. 1.) Land Rover (Series, Defender, D1, RRC) 1.25" alloy wheel spacers (believe they are Rovers North) Just spacers (x4) no nuts. $20...
  18. gjackson

    Selection of cool trucks from Iraq and UAE

    So I was a bit torn on where to post these, but they count to me as a completed adventure. I recently spent 15 days in Iraq and a few days in Dubai and thought I'd post up a selection of cool trucks not available in the US. Mmmmmmmmm Gotta love that diesel metal. :drool: cheers
  19. gjackson

    Very cool recovery of a stuck Unicat

    Check out this video of the recovery of a Unicat stuck on the Makadikadi pans near Kubu Island in Botswana. Great use of team winching and lots of rigging! cheers
  20. gjackson

    FJ Cruiser Summit 2009

    The event is starting tomorrow, and there is a lot of buzz around Ouray Colorado. I have to say these guys put on an impressive show. I will be helping trail lead for Overland Training along with Bill Burke. Today we pre-ran Black Bear and Ophir. Unfortunately no pics as I don't have the cable...