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  1. Ruined Adventures

    Overland Expo East '16 : Group Gear Swap (Asheville, NC)

    Feel free to post anything that you're wishing to get rid of and willing to bring to Expo East. If possible, please mention your route in case you will be passing through the neighborhood of other members on the forum and you're willing to make a pit stop. It would also be helpful if you could...
  2. Ruined Adventures

    '86 Toyota 4x4 Pickup (less than 100k miles) - Hendersonville, NC - $5,900

    Single cab, 2.4L 22RE, 5 spd, IFS, tan interior in great shape. Entire truck Rhino-lined. Not mine, not affiliated...kinda ugly with the burgundy Rhino-lined paint job, but it looks super clean which is rare for this neck of the woods. If you're interested, use caution since rust seems to be...
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    Hindsight = 20/20...what did you wish you had left behind? What did you need?

    The title says it all...we started a similar discussion on our Facebook page and it was recommended by Lost World Expedition and ADVODNA that we continue the discussion here. Hopefully this thread helps those who are getting ready to hit the road for a while, or at least serves as a reminder...
  4. Ruined Adventures

    1994 Toyota 3.6L 4x4 w/ FlipPac IN CHILE, READY FOR ADVENTURE - $7500 usd

    What a great vehicle to do the PanAm in :sombrero:...looks clean, simple, and comfortable. Found this on Drive the Americas... Here's the post on DTA Here's some pictures on Flickr
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    Ruins and Rust: Texas to Patagonia, AND BEYOND, in an older 4runner

    It's finally our turn!, we are Brenton and Shannon, a young couple experiencing a quarter-life crisis (for lack of a better explanation). No longer satisfied with Texas-life, we set a deadline to leave this place come hell or high water. With our careers on pause, we've decided to seize the...
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    She wants a camcorder...even though we have a GoPro and Point & Shoot!

    Okay, this seems a little silly to me but I can't fight it any longer...We already have a GoPro with a bunch of the right accessories (LCD screen, monopod, extra mounts, etc) and we have a Nikon S8100 point and shoot (I feel like it already takes good enough 1080p HD video but oh well). She...
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    Wildernest tent/camper shell - $225 obo in El Paso, TX (off of Nissan Frontier)

    If I had a pickup I'd be all over this! Not mine, not affiliated.
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    (2) ARB air compressors for air lockers - SOLD

    I've got two of the smaller model ARB air compressors I need to sell. FYI, these are too small to air up your tires but could maybe be used for the right onboard air design, not sure. I picked these up locally on Craigslist quite a while ago and realized I couldn't use it for what I needed. I...
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    '98 BMW F650 for sale in Lima, Peru - $1000

    Not mine, not affiliated...I saw this on the HUBB and thought maybe someone here would be interested.
  10. Ruined Adventures

    Engel 40 QT on ebay hurry! - under $500 in FL Not mine, not affiliated...just saw this and it looks like a killer deal
  11. Ruined Adventures

    53" x 72" softopper

    NOT MINE, NOT AFFILIATED...just saw it and figured I'd share it to yall
  12. Ruined Adventures

    "The Border Runner" build thread: '87 4runner built for epic PanAm journey

    1987 Toyota 4Runner DLX - purchased with 237,000 miles 22RE 2.4L engine While replacing the head gasket, the previous owner decided to rebuilt the motor at 203,000 miles W56 5-speed transmission 4.10 geared differentials Completely stock including the awful running boards, chrome trim and front...
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    very clean 1982 Jeep CJ-7 Renegade $5500 - Pasco, WA

    Figured I'd pass this on to the Jeep guys here... this is my brother's Jeep. He's selling it because he never drives it, and he wants to put the money into restoring the '78 Ford Highboy that my dad bought brand new from the factory. Please don't...
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    Hannibal roof rack, 4runner console

    We're selling everything that we wont be taking on our trip to South America. I will update this thread as items become available. Hannibal Safari Rack - $400 NO LONGER FOR SALE Model: Freelander, Measures 72" x 42". The rear section of railing is removable. If you wanted to mount a RTT, you...
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    Help a brotha out: question about tires for a Samurai in Madagascar

    My sister & brother-in-law are teaching in Madagascar. Yeah, I'm a little jealous too. They bought a little Suzuki Samurai (I think it's actually a Santana) in pretty decent shape, which is difficult because preventative maintenance is not exactly a practiced theory over there. They named him...
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    craigslist: Jungle/Expedition Equipped F250-$12000 Austin, TX

    Not mine, not this an Expo member? Haven't seen it in here so forgive me if it's a repost. :sombrero: Expedition 2004 F-250
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    1991 Toyota Previa for sale in Panama $2200 USD

    Not mine, not affiliated...but it's technically Expo-worthy and they're trying to sell by the end of this month! here's the original posting, and where you can find the owner Drive the Americas
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    93 F350 Crew Cab, Utility Box, Pop-up Slide-in Camper

    Not mine, not affiliated, blah blah....but it could be just what somebody here is looking for so i figured I'd point it out. EMAIL:
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    Craigslist find: '85 4runner, 22RE FI, 5 spd, solid front axle. $3000 Austin,TX

    Not mine, not affiliated...figured I'd post it up, since this particular year/drivetrain is highly sought after. Considering it being in Central Texas, should be rust free. (actually in San Marcos, TX about 30 min south of Austin) "85 toyota...
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    Medications & Supplies for Pan Am trip

    I've been going over my medical kit lately...driving to South America and back in 2012 and I'm wondering if I should add anything. I'm an EMT-B and my girlfriend is a Trauma Rn so between the two of us we're trained to handle a fairly wide range of medical situations. I'm taking an EMT-I class...