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  1. aardvarcus

    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    So I wanted a vehicle to accomplish a few things, namely: Haul my family of four comfortably, daily drive to work getting decent MPG, Tow/Haul a reasonable amount of tools/supplies, be capable of off-roading, and camping. My mandatory features were: 4x4, stick shift, real frame, reliability. I...
  2. aardvarcus

    Garmin Overlander

    What does everyone think of the new Garmin Overlander? Seems a bit pricey, I wonder the quality of the included topo maps (given one of the options is to download additional USGS quad sheets). Honestly I am in the market for something like this, if it...
  3. aardvarcus

    Fiberglass Utility Bed Camping Trailer

    I used to camp all the time, but it has been a long time since I last went. I have been a long time member here, mainly interested in the useful off-roading and vehicle recovery knowledge on this site. I finally pulled the trigger on the start of a camping trailer project. It is an all...
  4. aardvarcus

    OEM Style Jacks – Input Needed

    Hello all, I have been doing some research on compact OEM-style jacks (mainly bottle jacks, screw jacks, and scissor jacks), but I haven’t been able to find a lot of good information. I have seen many varying opinions on the “best” jack of this style, but not a lot of good data on them. This...
  5. aardvarcus

    Chevy K2500LD "Redbird" Build

    Well I figured I would write up a post on my project truck. It is a Chevrolet 1991 4x4 2500 Light Duty, aka a 1500 frame and front suspension with a 9.5” Semi Float 14 Bolt rear end. Also known as or equivalent to a GMT400, K1500, K2500LD, light three quarter, heavy half, OBS Silverado...