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  1. bldeagle10

    Rebuilding gear box technical question. Help!

    I rebuilt my Saginaw steering box in my 99 XJ, or at least I thought I did. When I put the worm gear in, I feed the bearings into the piston and as soon as you turn the gear they spit out the back end of the piston, am I only supposed to feed them into the one side (top side)? Either way they...
  2. bldeagle10

    might be buying an m35a2 soon

    yal have any tips when buying from a gov. auction? there are a few m35a2's I am looking at, both are a state away so its kind of a drive. tips for registering and such? are you allowed to drive it away if registered or do you have to haul them?
  3. bldeagle10

    General Discussions/Questions for FSR

    I think every section should have one of these, just a thread for general ramblings or discussions, talk about whatever or if you have questions ask it here without having to start a bunch of new threads (if you don't have a build thread). I'll kick it off with a question, I have a 75 suburban...
  4. bldeagle10

    08 F150 OME?

    do they have Old Man Emu suspension set ups for 08 f150's? my buddy is shopping around and so far he has picked up a leveling kit but is looking for decent shocks. he was thinking fox which is a great company but for his application I don't think it would be all that great. he will mostly be...
  5. bldeagle10

    alternative snorkel for XJ's

    not sure how many people will be keen to this idea because it means there is a bit of relocating going on, but if you are like me and unable to run a standard snorkel because of a search light (if you have a police edition XJ or threw a search light on yourself like me) you need to run a...
  6. bldeagle10

    Unimog with Jeep 4.0l inline 6?

    anyone know of a guy who owns a Unimog that has a Jeep 4.0l inline 6 from a 2000 Cherokee? my dad sold him this motor, which sucks because now I am in need of rebuilding my XJ (what the motor was for in the first place) wanna see what his rig looks like. if no one knows of this guy I can just...
  7. bldeagle10

    Question about 99 4.0l

    why is it so hard to find parts for the 99 4.0? flipping through the mopar catalog and most other catalogs they are specific about years which is understandable, but they generally go 91-98, 00-01 (specific to the Cherokee, they are also specific as to what Jeep it came in, i.e. Grand Cherokee...
  8. bldeagle10

    Project Brooke: 1999 XJ

    my new and to the point thread. (picture intensive...) NAXJA- 1999 Jeep XJ Cherokee SE 4.0l 6cyl mods include TB spacer, Bosch injectors AW4 NP231 High Pinion Dana 30, 27 spline, open differential Chrysler/Corp. 8.25, 29 spline, Trac-Lok 16"...
  9. bldeagle10

    Wheel Winches

    Anyone have any experience, or even heard of wheel winches? I figure if the price is right it could be cheap insurance till I can afford a winch/bumper combo. What are your thoughts? In the long run I realize it takes up a good amount of space and wouldn't be suitable. but short run wise it...
  10. bldeagle10

    New in box AEV JK 2dr 2" lift

    as the title says i have a brand new, in box, never used AEV 2" lift kit for a 2dr JK, it comes with shock brackets so you can use stock shocks. asking price is $275 located in Peoria, Arizona.
  11. bldeagle10

    detailed dimensions of an M416?

    was wondering if anyone had some very, very detailed measurements of a m416, my basic goal would be to build an exact replica out of aluminum. save weight, i dont do anything harsh so im not worried about military tough. plus i want a project and i feel it would be fun to do. Since i dont have...
  12. bldeagle10

    Scan Guage vs. Ultra Guage?

    im looking for an OBD II reader so i can monitor what is going on with my 99 Cherokee. i have the "dummy guages" so i have absolutely no idea what my engine temp is, or voltage, or oil pressure etc.. all i know is when something goes wrong a big purty light starts flashing... :rolleyes: along...
  13. bldeagle10

    The "What part is this?" thread.

    hopefully this thread kinda sticks around, intentions are for people to post pictures of different parts they have seen and like but are unaware of the manufacturer. rims, roof racks, bumpers, etc... and so i will start with this grand cherokee roof rack/cargo basket ladder set up. any ideas...
  14. bldeagle10

    all new SRT8 Grand Cherokee

    just got the email from jeep (not sure when i signed up to receive emails?) it has: An all-new 6.4L HEMI® V8; 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds; estimated 465 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque • Functional, aggressive, stellar styling that includes a newly sculpted hood • Luxurious, race-inspired interior...
  15. bldeagle10

    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    i really like the "what did you do to your xj/mj thread over on jeep forum. it is kind of a general jeep discussion thread. so i figured we could start one for expo jeeps. so what did you do today? I loaded it up to bring my stuff home from the dorms
  16. bldeagle10

    how in depth is it to convert to 4x4?

    i have a 1975 c10 suburban. 454. havent looked to see what rear axle i have or anything. it was my dads and he kinda gave it to me (not really mine but one day he dumped it at my house and said do what you want with it...) when i have the money im going to get it in my name and i want to do a...
  17. bldeagle10

    Official New Products Thread!

    i think we need this. somewhere for companies to pitch ideas, or advertise new products aimed at jeeps and for jeep owners to discuss new products recently available or about to become available. if this was made a sticky it would be really great. i personally have no new products. but i just...
  18. bldeagle10

    turning a 99 XJ Cherokee into an Arctic Explorer?

    hey all. i own a 99 XJ and im really into the idea of overlanding and exploring the world really. i was wondering what steps someone would have to take in turning a cherokee into an arctic exploration vehicle. mainly what im not to sure about is the mechanical issue at the arctics extremely low...