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  1. Arclight

    Supercharged 5VZFE and cooling

    Hi all, My 97 T100 has a 5VZFE and the TRD Supercharger installed. It's the black (2nd Gen) model. Everything works great for the most part. The one issue I have is going up long grades in the Summer. The temperature normally runs 182-195, but it will rapidly get over 220F on long climbs in...
  2. Arclight

    West Coast Hog Hunting

    Does anyone go after feral pigs in CA or elsewhere on the West Coast? I'm thinking about going again this season, and am looking for some more places. Arclight
  3. Arclight

    Mine rescue

    Is anyone else on a team that does mine rescues? I have some questions on equipment maintenance. Arclight
  4. Arclight

    Custom shell/roof rack for T100 or Gen-1 Tundra (Southern California)

    My new Flippac is getting installed this week, so I'm selling my current shell. This is for a 76x62" (6.5') Toyota bed, found on the T100 and the 1999-2007 Tundra. It's a white Sungtop, with the following features: -Con-Ferr roof rack with custom steel cross bars. It's a 3x5' basket with steel...
  5. Arclight

    New Flippac is here, expedition shell/rack for T100/Gen-1 Tundra for sale

    In case anyone is looking for a rack and shell for their T100 or Gen-1 Tundra, I'm selling my expedition setup. Shell is located in Orange County, CA. Details are here: Mods, feel free to...
  6. Arclight

    T100 skid plate - custom fab

    Hi all, I've been wanting a skid plate for my T100 for quite a while. So I finally had one made up from the drawing that is floating around the net. Check out: In case anyone else needs one, Kevin from Creative Fabworks in Fullerton, CA did this for me. Price was very reasonable. The fit is...
  7. Arclight

    7 weeks of searching paid off this weekend

    So this obviously isn't the live find we'd all like, but I have to say that I'm really proud of my team right now, along with the numerous other teams that helped search and the USAR guys who went down a nasty, 140' deep hole with HAZMAT at the bottom to collect her. FYI, we're actually called...
  8. Arclight

    Wilderness First Responder class coming up in Southern California

    Hi all, I'm reposting this from the CA/NV forum. UC Riverside is hosting a WFR class in September near Big Bear, CA. Details are here: Cheers, Arclight
  9. Arclight

    Flippac build-out

    Hi all, I just ordered a Flippac for My T100. Previously, I'd been using a Snugtop fiberglass top. I had built a custom safari rack with Hi-Lift, NATO can and shovel storage, interior and exterior lighting, and an interior gear rack. Pics: Now the Flippac isn't really set up for a roof...
  10. Arclight

    Rebuilt CV joints?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a quality rebuilt CV? The one I replaced on my T100 lat year (NAPA brand/painted green) already has a cracked boot. The originals from Toyota seem to last much better. Arclight
  11. Arclight

    Down hole camera rig - Help me spend some money

    Hi all, This is going to be an odd request. I volunteer with a search and rescue team in California. Recently, we've had more callouts for mine-related searches and incidents. We are a technical team that can lower people down into environments like this, but it's slow and it incurs risk. If...
  12. Arclight

    Amtrak Odyssey

    This is a short trip I made last year. Some friends were going out to a regional caving festival near Ash Fork, AZ. Everyone was leaving Wednesday night, but I had to work until Friday. The solution? Put my bike on the Amtrak in Los Angeles, train it out to Williams Junction, and then ride the...
  13. Arclight

    MRA re-cert in Auburn, CA

    Is anyone else going to the Mountain Rescue Association search cert at the end of the month? Our team (San Bernardino Cave & Technical Rescue) will be there. Arclight
  14. Arclight

    The "B Team" or backup gear

    Here's something I thought would be worth sharing: My backup equipment bag. On our team, we don't have a specific list of things we're required to take at all times. Instead, we generally put our packs together once we know what our mission/assignment is going to be. Our team covers of lot of...
  15. Arclight

    5VZFE Engine Noise

    Hi all, I just returned from a trip to central Nevada. We had an awesome time exploring ghost towns and visiting stuff. I'll post a trip report soon. Unfortunately, my truck started developing a nasty sound about 475mi from home near Mina, NV. I limped it into Reno (150mi) and towed it back...
  16. Arclight

    Tools and spares for Toyota Trucks

    Hi all, I'm trying to fine-tune my box of off-road fixing supplies. Currently, I've got everything in a large Contico box with wheels. Most of my off-roading experience was with my old Bronco and fixing other people's trucks who didn't take care of maintenance. The Toyota-specific stuff is new...
  17. Arclight

    Power distribution boards?

    Hi all, I wanted to share this open-source hardware project I built. It's a 4-channel lighting/power controller. It's based on the Arduino micro-controller and has 4x1A outputs and 4xinputs. I built this so that I could have have a custom control for a 5m LED lighting strip in my camper and...
  18. Arclight

    New Build: T100 SAR and expedition rig

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so I wanted to introduce myself and start getting some input on this project. I live in Southern California, and I picked up a 97 T100 about 3 weeks ago. My last 4x4 was a 78 Ford Bronco that I had for about 15 years. Vehicle needs: I volunteer with San...