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  1. Railvan

    Van Meet Bellingham, WA June 8th.

    This coming Saturday afternoon there will be a van meet at Freedom Vans in Bellingham, Wa. This is open to all vans and people interested in vans This is not my event but I will be there. Freedom Vans, 3115 Mercer Ave, Suite 103 Bellingham, WA 98225.
  2. Railvan

    Van Meet June 2nd

    I'm not affiliated with Freedom Vans, just letting people know about a van meet in Bellingham, Wa.
  3. Railvan

    Quigley Straight Axle Chevy/GM vans

    Anybody on here knowledgeable about Quigley 4x4 straight axle Chevy/GM vans? What years were they built on the Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana platform? What front axles and transfer case were used? I don't see much about these vans and Google didn't turn up much info. This one is often parked...
  4. Railvan

    Fox Shocks for 2006 E350 SMB 4x4 front end?

    Searched a bit but didn't see an answer here. Has anyone put Fox shocks on a 2006 SMB E350 4x4 conversion? Thanks, Brian
  5. Railvan

    WA All Van Meet & Greet July 26, 2014

    I have not seen this mentioned on Expo so I thought I'd post it here: ------------------------------------------------------------------ All Van Meet & Greet July 26, 2014 All makes, models, shapes, sizes, years... you get the idea. If it's a van and you travel, camp, overland, off-road in it...
  6. Railvan

    Van photos in the Owyhee's.

    Some Sportsmobile and Astro van photos from our Owyhee trip last week:
  7. Railvan

    Central Washington in two 4wd vans

    Since I check this 4wd van thread first when I hit Expo, I thought I'd point out my thread over on the Completed Adventures and Events forum for other 4wd van fans:
  8. Railvan

    Central Washington wanderings

    Spent three days last weekend with T.Low wandering around the Winthrop, Twisp, and Banks Lake areas in Central Washington. Great to get away and see some new ground. Didn't make it over the pass on NF-4330 to Lake Chelan due to snow, but had plenty of other roads to explore to keep busy and...
  9. Railvan

    SMB 4x4 van for sale Not mine, just saw it for sale in town.
  10. Railvan

    If your Astro van is getting too small for your family... about a homemade XL version!? I saw this near Idaho Falls a couple weeks ago.
  11. Railvan

    Ghettobego spotted? (WA Hwy 14 and 197 intersection)

    Was that you at the intersection of WA Hwy 14 and Hwy 197 last weekend? (Last Saturday or Sunday, I don't recall for sure) I was headed west on Hwy 14 in a tan SMB and you were turning east onto 14 from 197. I saw you at the last second and didn't have time to grab my P&S camera. I was hoping to...
  12. Railvan

    Vans at the WA Expo Rally?

    So who's taking their van to the WA Overland Rally next month? I'll be there with my SMB. I'm hoping to see full size vans, Astro's, VW's, Delica's, or just about anything on four wheels that looks like a box! Brian
  13. Railvan

    New SMB sliders???

    I just saw this photo on the thread about Expo photos. Did anyone at the Expo ask Alan about the rock sliders under this van??? Brian Rutherford
  14. Railvan

    Pull Pal on Aluminess rear bumper swing arms

    Last spring I mounted the main body of the Pull Pal on the left rear bumper swing arm of my SMB before my trip to Arizona. For a million reasons, the mount for the blade part of the Pull Pal just got done today. Photo 1 is the main body on the left swing arm. At the lower end is a simple C...
  15. Railvan

    Grand Vitara heads/valves rebuild cost?

    Any mechanics out there have a rough idea how much it would cost to have the heads and valves rebuilt on a 2001 Grand Vitara V6? Including labor? Thanks, Brian
  16. Railvan

    Warn hub servicing?

    Hi, I have Warn locking hubs on the front on the Sportsmobile. The right one has gotten harder to lock as time goes on. Last time I used it I had to tap it into the lock position with a socket held in my gloved hand. I know, a real hi-tech solution... So, obviously, they need maintenance. But...
  17. Railvan

    OJ Sportsmobile photo outtakes?

    I have enjoyed the latest issue of OJ with the Sportsmobile article in it very much. I would love to see more photos from the Mexico trip. Any chance we can see some here on Expo Portal? Regards, Brian
  18. Railvan

    Weekend in central Washington.

    Tom Lowell, and his AWD Astro van, and me with my Sportsmobile, got out for an overnighter to central Washington last weekend. Here are some photos: Brian
  19. Railvan

    Syn oil mixed with dino oil?

    I run Amsoil synthetic oil in my Ford 6.0 diesel. Ford replaced the turbo today and I noted on the service record when I got home they had added 2 quarts of oil when it was serviced. What's the word on how this will affect it? Should I change the oil? Brian
  20. Railvan

    Another turbo for my Ford 6.0 diesel...

    My SMB is at the local Ford dealer for its second turbo on the 6.0 diesel. The van has 23,000 miles on it. The first one went out at 6,000 miles. The van has not stuck me anywhere but it sure doesn't build any confidence in traveling to remote locations knowing the failure rate of the turbo on...