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  1. Stealth 4x4

    Increasing Tacoma's GVWR

    Cooling Another thing to consider when increasing the amount of weight the vehicle has to carry around regularly is cooling. A transmission fluid cooler and/or an oil cooler are items that occasionally pop-up on people's builds. People who are used to hauling trailers tend to be more aware of...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    So many things come into that equation that it actually gets a little thick reading about and tiring trying to list all the variables involved that are required just to begin to have a good discussion on that one. You know what I mean? So many factors go into the traction equation, and it gets...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Thanks. Nope, no skids in the drawers after the snowy drop-in. From the camera angle its harder to read the terrain, but from the cab, you could tell if the tires locked and it slid it would slide straight down if I lined up that way, which is why I did. Then it was just a matter of being...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Great pics guys. Keep them coming. My experience was that once I had wheeled Moab, I developed a whole different scale for what constitutes sketchy in terms of steep climbs and descents. And I also realized that personally, I will take a long wheelbase rig that is less likely to go either...
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    tacoma vs 4runner for expo rig

    Everyone has their own opinions on these rigs. Suffice it to say people do a ton of wheeling and overlanding/expedition travel in both and they both perform like champs. I own an ex-cab '98 and a d-cab '03 Taco and my family is just the wife and I, so I removed the back seat entirely in the...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Hahaha. Thanks. I guess its all relative. Considering almost all of the local guys in my home club are running solid front axle Tacos, runners or pickups on 37-40 inch tires with lots of exo/tube work, my little IFS rig on 33's and factory LCA/UCA's seems pretty mild to me. Most of the runs...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    So true. The wife and I bought our D-cab new and we plan on driving it until the thing disintegrates. Getting pretty close to the end of my own "mild build" with this truck. I've got it to where it'll handle the expo trips with good highway manners and still do some decent rock crawling...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Very nice. Welcome to the D-cab Taco club. ::you bought a good year:: :victory:
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    High?? Mileage Tacomas

    We bought our D-cab new as a TRD Prerunner, and were initially bummed we could not get it in a 5-speed manual. But since then we have learned to love the auto trans as well. It does make some things easier, but more importantly it has held up to some hard trail abuse, and hard pulling duty...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Looking good. If you decide you want to, you can relocate the rear axle forward to center the tires in the rear wheel wells when they stuff very cheaply. Look up axle relocation plates... 4crawler makes them for about $40/pair.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Thoughts are, I like the new one better because its beefier and less obnoxious-looking with the stinger lower where it is not blocking my view of the obstacles I am trying to get over like the original one did. I cut and pasted this in from my build thread over on TTORA... So the story on the...
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    Wildlife Photography

    Tortoises have had a hard time historically. Its always great to see people are still finding them. We had one come out of its burrow to drink runoff rainwater during a monsoon this season here in Black Canyon -- the first one we've seen here in about a year. There's one that has a burrow off...
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    Wildlife Photography

    X2, those great horned owl nestlings and the desert tort shots are my favorites from this thread in a while. Nice!
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    05+ Tacoma: Known Issue - Failed Supports for Composite Box

    What's up with the K-rat genus as a handle? Are you a small mammal enthusiast/biologist? My wife and I are field biologists, is why I ask. Yeah, its a safe bet that you'll get 200k plus out of a well-maintainted Taco. My '89 pickup was close to 200k when I traded it in on my '98 Ex-cab Taco...
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    Toyota 'Back to the Future' pickup

    X3, That's why I went with the J-shift manual T-case shifter and manual locking hubs when I converted my '03Prerunner to 4wd. Never regretted that one. It would be sweet to see a 4wd Toyota offered with a SFA, Manual T-case shift and man hubs... that might be enough to convince me to buy a new...
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    Surfing in Baja California

    Hey Rick, have you and Dianne been down to Baja yet this summer? John & Melanie