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    SOLD - 2013 Moto Guzzi Stelvio for sale

    SOLD - I think it's time to sell my 2013 Stelvio. I've only owned it for a short time, but it served its purpose well and I'm thinning/reshuffling the fleet. I purchased the bike in 2015 with about 6500 miles on it For the purpose of riding the Baja. Check, 2300 mile Baja trip done and the bike...
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    SOLD - 2009 Kawasaki KLR for sale in PHX, AZ

    K2009 Kawasaki KLR, 6,800 Miles. $4200 obp. Very good condition and LOADED with all the right modifications that makes KLR great, probably better than new. I purchased the bike for a specific trip that I'm not going to be able to take. Comes with stock seat, some extra oil and filters. This...
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    KLR 650 Questions

    I'm considering doing a multi-state ride through AZ, CO, WY and the probably back down via MT, ID and UT. Throwing in a lot of dirt; mostly forest road but some moderate stuff with some of the CO passes. Could the KLR be an appropriate bike for this? This ride will have a lot of open highway...
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    Sold- Off Road Trailer with Eezi Awn Roof-Top Tent

    Trailer from Bear Trailersports out of LA. Nice simple design with interior box dimensions of 6'2" x 4'2". The trailer has a nice storage area on the tongue with 2 jerry can mounts. It has wheels off a Jeep (i believe - 5 lug) with Wrangler MTR tires in great shape; 245/75 R16. I also have...
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    Eezi Awn 2200 in PHX

    Does anyone in the PHX area have an EA 2200 that they would not mind letting me take a look at? I have a wife ans two kids (3&1) and I am just not sure if it would really be large enough. Anyone know a dealer where I could get a look at one in person?