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    Wanting to upgrade year Xterra

    Anyone on here upgrade within the same generation X? I toyed with the idea of selling our 06' Xterra OR 6spd and perhaps look into building a mild lx470. My wife is against it and suggested we just get a newer X Pro4x. We currently have 197k on ours. Timing chain guides at 130k, new clutch at...
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    Xterra vinyl ideas instead of painting

    I have a clear coat issues on my rear hatch as well as a small oxidation paint bubble above my rear fender. I plan on smoothing out and wet sanding the clear coat peal and do some quick sanding/priming on the bubble to prevent rust. Im not gonna repaint the vehicle due to costs. Im thinking...
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    285/75-16 ko2 psi suggestions

    With my Duratracs, the previous owner ran them at 31psi for 2 years. They had already been worn funny by the time I got the rig. They are outrageously noisy. My new ko2's arrive tomorrow and want to make these last an acceptable time. I ran the duratracs @ 41psi on 8" wheels with medium OME...
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    1st thought wheel bearing, then tie rod, now wheel bearing?

    I had a rhythmic rumble on our 06' OR 6spd. Started noticing some tire wear as well, especially after our trip to the Ouray/Telluride area(imogene pass rulz). I originally thought it was a wheel bearing as I have dealt with that same sound on many cars. I had no play at the wheel when tugged...
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    Bottle Jack suggestions Any suggestions out there for a good bottle jack? I am keeping my eyes out for one of those german made, two-stage...
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    Flipping duratracs?

    I purchased a vehicle recently that had 33" duratracs, the alignment was off a bit and had worn tbe outside edges a little. They were beginning to slightly feather/cup the outside enough to have an annoying rhythmic hum. The inside edges look fantastic. Has anyone ever flipped them to "start...
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    might buy an 06' OR manual, new to X's

    I've been searching for a 3rd gen montero, but cant seem to find one that hasn't been thrashed or not taken care of. Xterras came across my radar and ive been lurking here for a few days as well as newx forums. I came across a few things to check on before buying, but couldn't find a buyers...
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    found a 88' 2.6l raider

    I've seen this rig sitting at the same auto repair shop for years. Finally called them up and inquired on it. Turns out that it had severe rod knocking, previous owner ran it very low on oil and it gave up the ghost. 120k on it, no rust, all original, sunbleached interior, auto tranny. The owner...
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    rear dvd on gen III

    Is the rear dvd option available with the sunroof on 03' plus? I have seen a few on craiglist that had the dvd but no sunroof. Just personal preference, but I would like to get a limited with sunroof and the DVD package.
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    what needed, light build 4 moab in GenIII

    I'm planning on starting a search for a gen III in a month or so. My ultimate plan is to get to Moab in the late summer/early fall with the family. Had my sights set on white rim and fins-n-things for sure. I'm pretty sure a stock gen III will do them stock, but what mods can help it get through...
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    gen 3 monty stock springs sag?

    Coming from a kj liberty, soon to sell for a gen3, all we here is how our stock springs have sagged over the years. Some kj's have sagged over 1.5" by now. Do monty's suffer the same stock spring issue? Have all the stock gen 3's sagged with any kind of measure?
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    vehicross in kansas Saw this today, always liked the looks of these
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    help me pick, craigslist wk or wj Ive actually been looking for a gen III Montero limited, but cant seem to find one in good condition and worthwhile value wise. So many are way overpriced. Started looking elsewhere...
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    montero on Dallas craigslist Ive given up hope finding a limited close to me(kansas), so I started looking in a 6hr radius of me. This one has no timing belt or maintenance history as its at a small dealership. It was aquired at auction. Im waiting on more pics and a vin...
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    1st gen montero in kc
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    silly 3rd gen cosmetic question

    Ive been searching lightly for a 3rd gen and will probably get serious in a month or two. Which third gens had that spoiler above the rear door? Ive seen it on both xls and limited models. Was it a stand alone option?