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    Overkill electric

    I’m about 80% finished and wanted to post a little update. Thanks to all who helped educate me on this stuff. note: electricity is important to me as I “work from home” for past 18 years in the tech field. So my goal of working out of my trailer full time overlanding means I really want...
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    Sizing fuses

    Started a new thread so as not to derail the one this quote came from my victron dealer also a blue sea dealer set me up with post style fuse holder which is great. However he said it should have a 100A fuse in it for my battery which is rated for 100A continuous and much higher in a short...
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    victron mppt solar question

    datasheet for panel in question datasheet for mppt 100/30 in question panel datasheet says shortcircuit current is...
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    redarc manager 30

    anyone use one? as far as i could tell, the first few pages of search results only had 1 or two hits for the manager 30, and those were future buyers not current. but there are a ton of hits for their BCDC and other stuff. are the manager 30 just too expensive? why aren't they more...
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    mosquito netting in australia vs africa

    the guy in this video makes an offhand comment about land rover's RTT and asks if they know that different mosquito netting is required in australia vs africa. i was quite surprised at this statement. anyone have any insight into this? it seems like he's implying that you can't use the same...
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    Electrical sanity check requested

    So As I was replacing a faucet that was damaged by ice this winter I discovered more evidence the good folks in SA who built my trailer were fairly intent on burning it down. I had previously discovered they installed a solar charger but actually wired the panel directly to the battery instead...
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    bunch of questions about e-bikes

    i have been reading a lot about them, but don't have a place to test drive so i have lots of n00b questions. any insight would be appreciated. what happens when the battery dies? does pedaling require more force due to the drag of the motor or do you essentially free wheel? are some...
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    how to inspect jerry cans

    may sound like a stupid question, but I see repeated recommendations to inspect your jerry cans, presumably for rust or corrosion or something but no instructions. My camper has four total, with two used for water and two for diesel. None of them are leaking. So what's the procedure...
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    my imagine trailvan initial review

    I ordered the two-bed model last year, just after the overland expo east, and then picked it up in Pittsburgh on Feb 24. I don't want to act like I know everything about them. I've ony had it 2 months and taken it on two short weekend trips, the first of which was to Gatlinburg and Cades Cove...
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    air powered bottle jacks?

    just wondering, since i have suitable onboard air already, is there some reason that using an air powered bottle jack to change a tire on pavement would be a bad idea? (assuming i can find one with the right height and travel for my truck) example
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    arb locker switches location in ram 2500

    where'd you put yours? there's an easily replaceable panel that seems made for installing switches just low left of the steering column. however, it points down so the arb style switch lights are barely visible to the driver. the rest of the dash seems pretty full
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    Need spare tire advice

    I'm debating bumper mount vs roof rack. 37" tire, 2017 ram 2500 mega cab, towing tent trailer half the time. Typical trip is 1000+ interstate miles followed by 50+ miles on dirt and worse BLM or similar roads/trails My wish list: A spare tire Not unnecessarily extending length of vehicle Not...
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    when people here use the word "armor" as in, for example, "you will want armor for this trail" what do they mean, and what are the normal minimum and maximums? i am aware of aftermarket and factory plates that protect parts of the drive train like differentials. And of course, the more...