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    Kia sorento

    I've owned a Kia Sorento (year 2005) for a while. Did almost no offroading. - for the axle rust there's supposed to be a sulution (drill a tony hole somewhere so water doesn't stand there, will likely not go for mud) - I'd made an electronic button to 'fake' the 4wd clutch to the computer and...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    My rolling restauration project 1980 Series III 109. need to do: replace rear chassis outriggers for springs improve breaking (already fitted Hella UP28 vacuum pump) replace master clutch cilinder (and will do slave in while at it). some rewireing and removal of electrical birdsnests...
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    Starting out, vehicle choice help

    Have you considered a long wheel base Nissan Patrol?
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    A problem and an attempted solutiion: 12v fridge and solar charger...

    For europe where butane/propane is widely used in bottle systems a fridge running on 220V AC / 12V DC / Pro&Butane might be a suitable solution. main brand is electrolux (now Dometic), they also produce loads of mall fridges for in caravans and campers. additionally a 100 Watt peak system...