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    Built a jk half cab as my new tow vehicle

    I did the Gra8top conversion on my 18 jk I plan to pull an off-road Teardrop with it !
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    My new Off-road Rig

    2017 Ford F-150 RCSB 6 inch lift 35’s new off-road trailer tow rig!!
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    Custom built M116A3 trailer

    This is my M116A3 trailer it was a gen chassis built completely out of .025 2x2 tubing painted and raptor lined. I am actually selling it for 5500.00 complete if anyone is interested I am from NE PA.
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    Gen trailer converted

    It's getting there going for paint next week all fab work complete. Wiring all LED lights tomorrow !!!
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    Military Gen Trailer coming along should be welded together shortly

    Military trailer moving forward pretty soon it will be a cool off-road trailer to pull behind the jeep !!! Rooftop tent in the works!!!!
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    Marrying a Little Guy 5 to a Humvee Generator Chassis

    I am giving my LG 5 teardrop a little more offroad capability !!!!!!:Wow1::Wow1:
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    Custom M1102 trailer for sale complete

    I am selling my M1102 trailer it is complete with RRT it has a bed slide grill stove cooler small generator plenty of storage. I am looking to get 5500.00 for it tires and rims are brand new . If interested please PM me I am located in NEPA.
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    My m1102 build to match my jeep 2dr JK

    This is a 1998 Schutt M1102 trailer it now is painted to match my jeep, RTT, BBQ grill coleman stove cooler and generator all on a bed slide . Future plans include full 110v dual battery power setup with solar charging. What do you guys think.
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    M1102 trailer build for my 2dr Jeep Jk

    This is the M1102 trailer I am converting into an offroad camping trailer learning a lot of good stuff on this site to make this conversion easier..