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    Modified 2010 4Runner Trail Edition - Colorado Springs

    Sadly, I'm selling my 4Runner. I bought it new in 2010 and have added quite a few things to it. Slee Offroad did all the suspension and bumper install. It currently has 23,000 miles on it but I do drive it a little every week. Believe it or not, it's never been off road. The craigslist add...
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    CL Find Colorado Springs - 1/4 military trailer

    Found this on the Colorado SPrings craigslist if anyone is interested: No affiliation, etc, etc.
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    Gobi Stealth Rack for 4 Door Jeep - Colorado Springs

    I'm selling my Gobi rack that I no longer use. It's been used twice for camping but otherwise hangs in the garage and is in excellent condition. Gobi is sending me replacement isolator hardware (the plastic pieces that stick to the Jeep) so those will be included. I have the rack with quick...
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    Question on 5 year old Eezi-Awn

    I'm looking at a used 5 year old Eezi-Awn 1600. Is there anything special I should look at? Thanks, Scott
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    Saw this on Craigslist and thought I would pass along. It's not mine and I have no affiliation. Scott
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    1982 Toyota Trekker - Denver, CO

    No affiliation but thought I'd pass along in case someone is looking for one as a project expedition rig.
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    Just another Tacoma introduction...

    I've been reading on here and posting for a little while now so I thought I'd post up. I know, another Tacoma. :) Scott Here are my mods so far: ARB Bumper OME 886 and Dakars Shrockworks Sliders Bestop 265/75/16 BFG ATs Cobra 75 cb I have some Hella 4000 lights my brother gave me that I...