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  1. utherjorge

    Repowering the Amigo: Planning out the next steps

    Good evening. In the past, I had a small 4x4 that I rewired, with a lot of help from folks here and elsewhere. Sadly, once the electrical was figured out, the entire engine went south, and a replacement wasn't going to be possible. That vehicle, a Daihatsu Rocky, was small, something I sought...
  2. utherjorge

    1998 Isuzu Amigo: Let's Try This Again

    Hello! Some time ago, I was attempting a build of a very small 4x4...and after two head gaskets and associated other worries, that little oddball has retired to the boneyard in the sky. Or is now razor blades. About the time I punted that thing to the boneyard, I looked for the heck of it at...
  3. utherjorge

    Onboard air with ARB: questions

    Hello to all. I just posted this question to the electrical board here, as they have been awesome with helping me navigate and understand what I will do with my electrical system. This does include an electrical question about a compressor, and while this isn't a straight recovery question, the...
  4. utherjorge

    New Question: Power requirements for ARB onboard air

    So, a lot has come together recently. I have a Daihatsu Rocky, and the offroad bits for it can be hard to source. I'll keep to the point for this thread here: I finally found a locker for my rig. Even though the Rocky rear end is essentially a 7" Toyota, you can't simply throw a 7" in there...
  5. utherjorge

    Need your help and advice: Adding electrical stuff...does this make sense?

    Hello to all, and happy holidays! I have build threads posted in a variety of places, but since this particular item is specific to the outdoors/overlanding plans of the future, I thought I would ask here. I have a 1990 Daihatsu Rocky. My build thread is here, linked below...
  6. utherjorge

    1990 Daihatsu Rocky: Reddy the Rocky

    More details to come, including my plans for it, but here it is, road-legal as if yesterday afternoon for the first time:
  7. utherjorge

    Underhood fuse/relay box

    Years ago, when I had a full-size Suburban, I saw a nifty large blue box that included relays and fuses that could be fit under the hood to run all manner of power to and from. The Suburban is long gone, but my new mini expo rig (for short expos, of course!) is a Daihatsu Rocky. My electrical...
  8. utherjorge

    70-series flatbed with camper and euro plates, side of the road, NW PA yesterday

    Hello there: feel free to delete this thread if needed, but I saw what looks like a unicorn where I live: a 70-series flat-bed with a nice camper and euro plates. Definitely did a triple-take when I saw it! was by the side of the road at the state line between New York and...
  9. utherjorge

    Two-Thirds Mad: 2003 Suburban 1500 LT

    Condensed story: had a K5 Blazer, couldn't kill the electrical gremlins, I junked it. Had a 1986 V20 Suburban, and loved it, but it was lacking a lot of creature comforts, and I did not have the barn doors I wanted. Plus, I wanted to throw our old minivan off of a cliff. So, I looked and looked...
  10. utherjorge

    2003-ish Suburban roof rack question

    OK, so I have the rails on my roof like everyone else. I saw this thread here: ...and I'm intrigued. However, I get worried about the crossbar, and then the rack on top of that. Can you simply bolt it to the...