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    D50 Diesel Build

    With the imminent shut down of the ADD forum,,878.0.html, where I initially started posting about my build +/- a year ago, I figure it may be time to begin a new thread here to document my slow burning ‘87 D50 diesel project. I’ve a 1987...
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    100mm CV Axle Questions

    I’ve been researching replacement CV axles and have found several references to the fact that ‘94-’96 3.5 DOHC SRs, and possibly ‘97-’98 3.5 SOHC SRs, have stronger 100mm CV axles vs the more common 95mm Montero/Montero Sport CV axles and can be run with minimal modifications...
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    Parting 1997 Montero Sport

    Not certain how much traffic the classified section gets here, but I posted an ad there for the 1997 Montero Sport I'm parting: PM if you're interested in anything.
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    Parting '97 Montero Sport - 3.0 SOHC 6G72 / 4x4 / 5MT / 4.636 Gears / 248,000 mi

    I purchased a '97 MS to harvest the 5MT as well as the front suspension, brakes, steering, and a few other bits for my diesel D50 project. Nearly everything else is up for grabs, exact specs can be seen here: Pics & video...
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    Looking for help sourcing 4D56t > V5MT1 bell housing from someone outside the US...FOUND

    I'm in the process of gathering parts to convert my '87 D50/MM macro cab 4x4 to diesel and am having a hard time tracking down the bell housing I need. Details on the project so far can be seen here:,702.msg6157.html#new With so many...
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    Sway Away vs Old Man Emu Torsion Bars

    Does anyone have any direct experience with either or both of these? I'm planning on swapping a diesel motor into my '87 D50 and likely a front bumper/winch eventually. In addition to that extra weight, I would like to crank the torsion bars a bit, along with longer UCAs and possibly a small...