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  1. FJOE

    1995 Toyota T100 DX 146k Second Owner

    1995 Toyota T100 DX Regular Cab Long Bed 5VZ-FE 3.4L V6 Auto Trans 146,XXX Clear NY title in my name. Registration good until 2020. Inspection good until Oct 2019. I’d ask $5,000 as is, with the buyer arranging shipping if necessary. Please email me with any questions you may have. I am glad to...
  2. FJOE

    Palisades Parkway Morning Commute Convoy

    I would post this in the NE regional board, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity there. Every morning, I commute down the Palisades Parkway from the NY/NJ state line towards the GW bridge. Most days I see the same black Tacoma with bumpers, lift, etc. This morning, I saw not only...
  3. FJOE

    T100 Back in the US!

    I just got back from 2 years in the Middle East with my '95 T100 DX. I want to say thanks to those that provided knowledge and guidance (whether we communicated directly, or I read your posts), and helped me figure out problems and find solutions during the truck's time abroad. She left the US a...
  4. FJOE

    Battery Tray for T100?

    I am doing a fair amount of work on my T100 now that it is landing back in the US after a couple years in the Middle East with me. One of the things I'd like to do is get the battery in a better tray (Likely Dir Hard or Interstate Group 35) and has a Priority Start attached to it. Obviously...
  5. FJOE

    T100 Crunchy Front End

    All- I am nearing the end of my time abroad and will be preparing to bring my T100 back to the US in a few weeks. When it gets back to the US, its going to get a refresh. Recently, after two years in the Middle East, the front end is a but "crunchy" when I am nearing full steering lock. Not at...
  6. FJOE

    Sold, Please delete.

    Sold. Please delete.
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    issue solved, thanks.
  8. FJOE

    Gobi Rack on WK2?

    Does anyone have the Gobi Stealth rack on a WK2? What did you think overall of fit and finish? How easily did the installation go, and how long? I would attach my Mombasa awning to it as well with the Gobi mounts so if you are running one with an awning, your insight would be valuable as well.
  9. FJOE

    Thinking about taking the G plunge

    I am looking at an '02 G500. I would be trading in a super low mileage (12k) 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited. I have contacted the seller in an effort to find out more about it, but the pics look good, and its got a little over 160 on the clock. Are there issues with these model years that I should...
  10. FJOE

    Powertrax No-Slip Traction System?

    I have a 95 T100 that is both a daily driver, and my weekend toy. I don't "wheel" hard, but there are a lot of rocks and off-camber problems out in the wadi's here. I was wondering if anyone has run the Powertrax system instead of an air locker, or the LockRight? I don't want the cost or the...
  11. FJOE

    New Air Hose?

    All- I am running a Viair 300P, and it has the stock air hose, which is plastic. Every time I stretch it out, I feel like it's going to snap. I want something more substantial, but don't want 50ft of big rubber commercial hose. also, if getting an aftermarket hose, I will need a new chuck as...
  12. FJOE

    Small Floor Jack?

    I'm looking for a small floor jack that I can use in the field. I would ideally remove the wheels and weld it to a piece of flat stock. I am overseas at the moment, so I can't drive to a store an find something comparable to what I would be able to source in the states. Anyone done this? The...
  13. FJOE

    Shoutout to Cruiser Outfitters

    Just wanted to thank Kurt and Bryce over at Cruiser Outfitters. They shipped a Safari Snorkel to Israel for my mild T100 build. They were great with communication the whole time, and the template they made to mate the SS170HF to the T100 was spot on. I installed it in a parking lot with a tool...
  14. FJOE

    La Sportiva Great Customer Service

    Just a plug for La Sportiva here- I had a pair of Boulder X approach shoes, and they had a warranty issue, where two of the leather lace tabs broke prematurely. I suspect this is due to the shoes being in sotrage for a couple years and getting dry. The shoes maybe had 20 miles on them, and were...
  15. FJOE

    aisin hub swap in part question

    So I'm swapping in Aisin manual hubs on my 95 T100. I know that there is a gold bolt on the face of the axle shaft that is prone to breaking. This bolt is revealed when you take off the grease cap. For the life of me, i cant find this part name or number on the Toyota parts diagram. I am worried...
  16. FJOE

    Pretty Good Deal on Loadout Bags

    Guys- I have 4 of these, and I could (and have) packed my entire life in them. This is a killer deal. Lifetime warranty as well from the company. I have been using their equipment for years, and have been to their facility many times. It's top notch. These bags are cavernous, and have lots of...
  17. FJOE

    Interior Decals / Cards?

    All- In a quest to satisfy my OCD, I am looking for a source of the older Toyota Interior decals and cards. Example- The 4WD shift instructions card found in the sun visor pocket on the older Toyota trucks. Other examples include the instruction decals that were on the dash of the old Pickups...
  18. FJOE

    FJ Cruiser rear bumper question

    I've looked through threads on rear bumpers already. I am looking for a rear bumper with a swingout for the tire, that holds the tire to the right side or center of the tailgate, not the left. I have a Bajarack ladder there, and I use it frequently. If there was going to be a left side swingout...