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  1. Robthebrit

    Camper mog videos

    I have not really been posting on here for the last year or so but you folks might find these videos interesting. As most of you know my camper mog was owned by a German couple who were on the road for 18 years. While on the road a documentary was made about them and the truck. I always had one...
  2. Robthebrit

    Help With Diesel Van

    There is a 7.3 powerstroke, quigley converted e350 4x4 for sale in Boulder, I don't know the price but next time I drive past it I'll get some info. Rob
  3. Robthebrit

    Panoramic Shots

    Here is one of Boulder and the flatirons, auto stitched with my own software.. Its not fast but it does a good job, its better than auto stitch because it doesn't assume an infinite projection so handles near objects as well as far objects.
  4. Robthebrit

    Electric winches on expo trucks.

    I gave up on the winch idea, I could never come up with a bad scenario where I would use it and it would work. You are not going to pulling a camper over a rock crawling trail. All the winching scenarios with a heavy camper are fairly horrible and in 99% of cases you should be able to see the...
  5. Robthebrit

    Let's Talk About Heating our Trailers.

    I am just about to replace the camper mog heater with a propex heater. They are really small and would work great in a smaller trailer, they might even work in a tent but the ducting is the hard part. Rob
  6. Robthebrit

    How to inflate a tyre QUICKLY.

    what is Aerostart? ether or something else equally flammable?
  7. Robthebrit

    2.1 millon acres gone - Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009

    From what I can see existing roads are affected (real roads, not yahoo trails). Just like in death valley other areas the wilderness ends at the road side and vehicles are more than welcome as long as you don't stray. I don't think anybody wants to see the Eureka Dunes get used like the Durmont...
  8. Robthebrit

    did i get in over my head CANON EOS 5d II

    That is a good call and will save you some $$$ Rob
  9. Robthebrit

    did i get in over my head CANON EOS 5d II

    There are two types of canon lens, EF and EF-S. EF-S lenses have a white dot on the mount and only work with the reduced sized sensor cameras such as the rebel. EF lenses have a red dot on the mount and work with all cameras including all the new ones. If the extra lenses you bought for the...
  10. Robthebrit

    pivoting frames and mounting campers

    Here is a kind of related picture... When we moved house we had a POD with the loose ends, when they bought the pod full there was no issue but when the guy came to pickup the empty he backed off the driveway and high centered the truck. Check out the pictures and the twist on the flat bed...
  11. Robthebrit

    where to tie a strap on an impreza?

    Thanks for the info guys. There is a frame mounted eyelet on the passenger rear, thats the one I used and it worked great, it didn't take much pulling to get it out but it was a little difficult to keep it straight with a mog pulling at an angle, the back end just wanted to spin around, to pull...
  12. Robthebrit

    where to tie a strap on an impreza?

    The wife skidded off the road today and ended up in a little ditch. There was no damage but the ditch was too big to simply drive out. I went down the road in the little mog to pull her out but at the front of an Impreza there is nothing to tie to. I searched and searched but ended up pulling...
  13. Robthebrit

    Exped Storage Boxes

    4 zarges aluminum cases, two on the roof rack which usually contain soft stuff and one behind each rear wheel which contain parts, misc tools and rarely used camping supplies. They are awesome and have never leaked. Rob
  14. Robthebrit

    Sportsmobile Shower??

    Nothing beats an outdoor shower. Camper mog has an indoor show and outdoor shower and we always use the outside one when its warm enough. The indoor shower rules when its 0 degrees outside.
  15. Robthebrit

    Earl Grey Tea...

    I have never had any joy finding PG Tips, I always get my mum to bring them from the UK when she comes. I was just in Wholefoods and low and behold they have them and always have had! I think its still more fun to make you mum bring 2000 tea bags through customs! Rob
  16. Robthebrit

    A nice ride after 20+ years of 4x4s

    What is the ballpark weight for the older honda 250s? I'd like to mount one on the back of the mog. I just replaced my starting battery with a die hard so I saved about 200 pounds in weight.. Rob
  17. Robthebrit

    Earl Grey Tea...

    I like Earl gray but none of the various flavored teas that seem common in th US. I grew up drinking PG tips, Tetley and Yorkshire tea and I drink tea with milk in it. I don't really have a preference out of those three they are all great. I never drink 'English Breakfast Tea' because its not...
  18. Robthebrit

    Packing Heat...who does it?

    I can see a gun being useful against a bear but far less useful against a cat unless you happen to stumble on it. You are probably better off shooting it in the air rather than shooting at it, you don't have to waste time aiming or getting a clear shot. If a cat is hunting you, you got...
  19. Robthebrit

    OJ's dual battery system review

    I do not believe it does use schottky diodes, I think solid state relays are simply fully saturated Field effect transistors (maybe with optical isolation to prevent weird grounding issues and allow compatibility with mechanical relays). This is just a guess because there is no junction volt...
  20. Robthebrit

    Packing Heat...who does it?

    Other than your replay, wheres the lecture? I simply stated my personal experience and why I have no need to carry a gun, why do I have to know the person I quote? I have no problem with guns, if you want to carry a gun thats fine by me - I'd be lecturing if I told you why I think you...