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  1. Lurch

    FS: Outback Swag Tent - SOLD

  2. Lurch

    FS: Outback Swag Tent - SOLD

  3. Lurch

    FS: Outback Swag Tent - SOLD

    Selling my Outback Swag Pioneer tent. In used, but good condition. No tears or other damage in the canvas or vinyl. I'm 6'6" in can just fit in this thing. Really prefer to sell locally in the southern California area as it is bulky and will be expensive and a pain to ship. Asking $100 for it...
  4. Lurch

    Clean Toyota 8" e locker 3.73* $400 shipped

    If you can confirm the ratio is 3.73 I'll send you cash for it right now. I'll need it shipped out to 90815.
  5. Lurch

    2017 Ram Power Wagon - Tradesman

    Posting pics for OP:
  6. Lurch

    SOLD: Two Heretic Studios 10" Lights Bars

    Friday bump
  7. Lurch

    SOLD: Two Heretic Studios 10" Lights Bars

    They are a combo driving pattern.
  8. Lurch

    SOLD: Two Heretic Studios 10" Lights Bars

    Bump - price drop to $275 plus shipping. That's like buy one, get one free!
  9. Lurch

    SOLD: Two Heretic Studios 10" Lights Bars

    Selling two 10" Heretic Studios LED bars with mounting hardware and a wiring harness. The light bars are used but in good condition. The heat sink fins on one are slightly damaged but doesn't affect it's function. Pictures of the damage below. These can be connected together to form a 20" bar...
  10. Lurch

    Huenersdorff 47L Aluminum Box Unboxing/First Impressions/Review

    I'll weigh in here. I ordered two of these after reading this thread. The first arrived in ok condition, but had a couple of small dents in the side, no big deal. The second arrived a few days later with the shipping box torn and crushed and the rivets holding the lid sheet to the frame were...
  11. Lurch

    Utah adventures via highway, dirt roads, slickrock and mud

    I know this thread is a few months old, but it seems like there's more of the story to tell. I'm curious what you did with your dogs in Zion and any more details you might have on where you camped in Dixie Nat'l Forest?
  12. Lurch

    My first 4x4, a babied GX470.

    Nice pics, pretty country.
  13. Lurch

    Toyota mechanic Los Angeles

    I can't recommend these guys enough:
  14. Lurch

    FS: 4 BFG KO 265/65R17 tires - Long Beach, CA

    Thursday bump and price drop, $300.
  15. Lurch

    FS: 4 BFG KO 265/65R17 tires - Long Beach, CA

    Selling four BFG KO 265/65R17 tires in load range E. Tires are in good shape, no chipping, even wear with ~50% tread left. One has a plug repair in the tread. Asking $400 for the set. Located in Long Beach, CA
  16. Lurch

    Looking at 4th gen 4runner

    I just bought a 2007 with ~100,000 miles on it. The T4R pre-sale thread is good. I was able to knock $1,000 off the asking price because it was a 2UZ-FE engine and the seller hadn't done the timing belt yet. Other than the normal checks I couldn't find much information on funky problems specific...
  17. Lurch

    2001 Jeep Cherokee - Budget/Quality Weekend Overlander

    Look at the Currie steering for if you're looking to keep the stock style inverted y, or if you're on a budget just get a tie rod off a V8 ZJ and replace the hollow OE unit. For balljoints look at Spicer or Synergy.
  18. Lurch

    2017 Wrangler to be Unibody...

    Bah, I was looking forward to Wrangler crowd having to learn how to weld on a unibody.