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  1. WOODY2

    ARB 50 qt original or Series 2

    Wanting a 50 qt ARB and not sure whether the original model or new Series 2 is best? Anyone?
  2. WOODY2

    Mercedes 2021 Weekender

    Anyone have info on this new model? May be just the thing for light trips?
  3. WOODY2

    Honda Generator issue

    I'm adding a battery to my Honda generator but unsure where to tie in the positive wire. There are 2 posts on the back of the solenoid which one do I use? TIA
  4. WOODY2

    DUTCH OVENS San Diego

    I have 2 12" dutch ovens (Lodge-Camp Chef) with llids and lid tool, liners, starter chimney and 2 bags of charcoal in San Diego for $40.
  5. WOODY2

    Dutch Ovens San Diego

    2 12" dutch ovens, lid lifter, starter chimney, 2 bags of charcoal all for $40. Located in San Diego
  6. WOODY2

    ARB Awning room 813204

    ARB older style room for a 2000 x 2500 awning. This is the older style with solid walls and roll up doors/windows. Bought but doesn't fit my awning. Located in San Diego. $140.00 ships on your dime. Prefer FTF
  7. WOODY2

    ARB 50 qt issue

    Due to my own stupidity I managed to puncture the copper condenser line and let gas escape. The puncture is easily accessible, any chance of getting it repaired and recharged? Not a clue where to start looking. Any ideas?
  8. WOODY2

    Old style ARB awning room

    Does anyone know of a vendor that has the old style awning room for a 2500 series, the type with solid sides with just the windows that roll up vs the newer version?
  9. WOODY2

    Gaia users in San Diego

    I'm attempting to switch to Gaia from Scenic Maps but encountering some issues. Anyone local in SD area that could spend an hour or so over lunch or a couple of beers to help me out? Thx
  10. WOODY2

    WTB RV 3-4

    Looking for a RV3 or 4 in San Diego -So-Cal area Thx
  11. WOODY2

    Remote air fitting bracket?

    I'm looking for mounting ideas for air stations on front and rear bumpers? I have an ARB dual mounted just don't want to have to open hood.
  12. WOODY2


    Hi, new In Reach+ user here and having difficulty setting up the text function. I can bring unit to you if that helps. Thanks
  13. WOODY2

    WTB Taco w flip top

    Looking for late model calif Taco w flip top