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  1. maxbergi

    Damaged MAN Expedition truck Not mine, just stumbled across this and thought I share. The box and interior looks really nice, ad states needs engine an transmission, which would be challenging to source here, or complete body swap.
  2. maxbergi

    Suburban conversion

    Looks cool for its age. Weird platform choice?
  3. maxbergi

    F550 Flatbed with Host TC Pretty awesome setup
  4. maxbergi

    Sprinter Copter Slightly off topic since its satire, but kind of hilarious given all the ridiculously priced sprinters for sale these days.
  5. maxbergi

    Custom 1999 Astro van No affiliation, looks like a cool little mini over landing setup with awd. Not a bad price either.
  6. maxbergi

    2008 Earthroamer "MOJO" XV-LT #83 - Oregon

    rarely have been seeing these on CL, thought I'd share: 195k