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  1. REDrum

    MotionX HD Still viable?

    Any Motionx geeks out there? Question.... I've been running MXHD for about 7 years and recently went to upgrade and most recent version seems to be 2014.... Am just not seeing the most current version or is it no longer being supported by parent company? Thnx
  2. REDrum

    Livin' Lite Quicksilver series, feedback welcome

    So, I've researching pop up tent type trailers for a while. The quality and features of what I'm looking for are out of my budget ( >$20,000) And what I have found within my budget (<$10,000), for the most part is junk. Sure I've love a new Crux 2700, but also need a new roof on the...
  3. REDrum

    TAD Ranger Hoodie FS

    Black XL TAD Ranger Hoodie For Sale. Only worn a few times. Too big for me. Would consider trade for size L $old
  4. REDrum

    Pop up trailer?

    There doesn't seem to a section for pop up trailers, so I thought I'd try here. Looking for feedback on pop up trailers built for gravel and off road exploration. Only two I can seem to find is Rockwood Extreme and the crazy cool Conquerer out AU. Is there not a big interest/demand for them...
  5. REDrum

    NORRA Mexican 1000

    37 hours until the first vehicle leaves time control
  6. REDrum

    Baja 4000 2017

    Baja 4000 Road Rally
  7. REDrum

    Land Cruiser 100 OME Nitro sport shocks

    Set of 4 OME nitro sport shocks up for grabs. Put them on my '99 UZJ100 in Fall 2014, and took them off in the spring of 2015, they have approx 4,000 miles on them (if that). I've gone higher performance adjustable shocks so I no longer need them. $200.00 firm pick up in Boston area or...
  8. REDrum

    Rebelle Rally

    Sorry guys, this one is womenz only
  9. REDrum

    Dominican Republic Fronteer Rally

    2016 dates just posted: 25 thru 28 Feb
  10. REDrum

    African Eco Race/Rally Raid
  11. REDrum

    SMB Spotted in Jupiter

    Spotted this SMB in Jupiter Florida last night at The Square Grouper. Nice truck. Florida plates too. Pretty scarce trucks in south florida. Tried to figure who owned it, but no one at the bar was wearing a "I own a dark grey Sportsmobile" t-shirt. Wife wanted to rock it and set the alarm...
  12. REDrum

    (5) 30x9.5x15 MTs FS (Boston)

    I have (5) 30x9.5x15 Pirelli Mud Scorpion tires up FS. Approximately 4,000 miles on them. These are great tires and only reason I'm selling is that I a got a great deal on a set of XZLs. $500.00 pick up in Boston or will meet half way up to 90 miles. Perfect for a vintage land rover or land...
  13. REDrum

    Tire chains specific for mud?

    Tire chains specific for mud? Anyone have real life experience with using? Lots of people out there who have used in snow, but not much info on use in mud. Please post up make model experience if you use. Thnx
  14. REDrum

    ARB Awning room owners--help please?

    I cannot find an overall height dimension of ARB's awning room on their website. Could some awning room owner please help out and put a tape on one of the walls? My truck is pretty tall 6'-8" to top of roof rack and I'm afraid it may be too tall for the height of the awning room sidewall. Thnx!
  15. REDrum

    Cortez Rally tracking link

    Very cool tracking link for competitors in Cortez Rally
  16. REDrum

    Put Foot Rally ZA

    I'm gunna see how this inaugural event goes, looks very promising.
  17. REDrum

    Factory lockers in late model Patrols?

    Anyone know if factory lockers were available in late model (>1992) south/central american Patrols? Sort of like how some FZJ80s were set up from factory? I'm on the hunt for Patrol and if factory lockers were available I'd like a truck with'm. Thnx
  18. REDrum

    FS: Synthetic Winch Line Kits: TJM 100' 3/8"

    I have (1) 3/8" 100 Ft TJM Synthetic Winch Line kits up FS (1 sold, 1 remaining) New in box: black Dyneema synthetic line with thimble, 10' of chafe guard, mega hook, and hawse fairlead all included. Just like kit in link below. $old Shipped CONUS or $200 local pick up FIRM...
  19. REDrum

    NIB 100 Ft TJM Synthetic Winch Line Kit $200

    I have a 3/8" 100 Ft TJM Synthetic Winch Line Kit up For Sale New in box: black rope with thimble, mega hook, and hawse fairlead. Just like kit in link below. $old Shipped CONUS or $200 local pick up FIRM.
  20. REDrum

    TJM 1200 # winch FS NIB

    Was going to install this on my UZJ100 but have decided to not go there. Its pretty much NIB. Never installed. W/ synthetic line. $750.00 FIRM. No shipping as it...