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  1. deathbywanderlust

    Lens question for Canon

    Hi, I'm newly into photography (currently traveling US and Canada and just started really enjoying it) and use a Canon 70D for my camera. I currently have several lenses (all of which I actually use): Canon 10-18mm, Canon 70-300mm, Canon 18-135mm, Rokinon 8mm Fisheye, and Rokinon 16mm. I'm...
  2. deathbywanderlust

    Basecamp Fail... Help!

    So I have been trying to figure out how to use Basecamp on my Macbook and to put it lightly I'm having problems. I finally got it to actually drop a waypoint or track but I'm wondering if what I want it to do maybe it won't actually do. We are leaving Thursday for Moab and Southern Utah to head...
  3. deathbywanderlust

    US, Alaska, Canada-

    After years of planning and talking about it, my husband David and I (and our dog Teddy/ Theodore) just set out two weeks ago to travel the US and Canada in our Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 home build for the next 6 months. We started on the camper right after Christmas and finished the first week of...
  4. deathbywanderlust

    Camping Shade/ Canopy- Brand suggestions?

    We are looking for a canopy or shade tent to take camping that can shelter from rain. Would be nice if it also had net walls for bugs too. But I know most are a pain to put up and are often kind of rickety. Any brand suggestions of ones that are easy to use?
  5. deathbywanderlust

    Bike Advice? Looking for motorcycle or dirt bike to carry on Fuso

    I'm researching off-road motorcycles and dirt bikes and not getting very far, so need advice. We are building a Fuso Expedition camper and want to bring an off-road bike with us. Looking for something small and light (we have minimal space and are trying to watch our vehicle weight) that we...
  6. deathbywanderlust

    Expanding Roof with mounted kayaks? Ideas?

    We are working on our design for the camper we are going to build on our new Fuso and one issue we are running into is we want to do an expanding roof but we also want to carry 2 sea kayaks on top. Each would be about 16-17ft long and about 60 lbs. Plus we will have a few solar panels on the...
  7. deathbywanderlust

    Our New Fuso FG Build

    We just bought a 2003 Fuso FG 4x4 over the weekend so we wanted to start a thread for our build. We plan to build a box 14 ft long, 7 ft wide that will include cab access, a full bath, and a second floor bed with an extendable roof. Will post more pictures soon. Any tips are welcome!