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  1. Jeffrey Patrick

    Possibly found a 60

    If the rust ends up being extensive, keep looking. There are lots of nice 60's always popping up in southwest locations like AZ that often have far less rust issues. Rust is the 60's worst enemy.
  2. Jeffrey Patrick

    I don't see much 200 series here, any particular reason?

    Those Bud Built skid plates look sweet! Tough to remove for an oil change?
  3. Jeffrey Patrick

    I don't see much 200 series here, any particular reason?

    Traded my 4Runner in for a 2013 200 Series. Just wrapped up some mods, ARB bumpers, OME suspension and BFG AT KO's. This thing is a beast. I still have/love my 60 but my wife and I can really cover some ground in her. Looking forward to taking her to Wyoming for vacation next week. Man what an...
  4. Jeffrey Patrick

    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    I vote for a Ruggedized color in white, tan or olive drab. Do not like the loud orange. What rack would you folks recommend for a 2000 Tacoma Ex-cab? Thanks!
  5. Jeffrey Patrick

    Seat covers?

    Wanted the Equip1 canvas for my 60 but they don't offer them. Went with Sheepskin of Oregon for my 4Runner, great quality and fit. For my Tacoma I went with Carthartt seat covers. Great product and fit.
  6. Jeffrey Patrick

    Seat covers?

    Not sure if you're interested but I purchased a front set for my 4Runner from Sheepskin of Oregon. Good quality/fit. Wanted to spring for a set of canvas fronts from Equip for my 60, but unfortunately they do not offer them so I may get a set of sheepskins for the 60 as well.
  7. Jeffrey Patrick

    Ducati Scrambler: Adventure Redefined

    That Classic looks killer. Have been looking at the Triumph but this changes everything.
  8. Jeffrey Patrick

    Personal review of the Maggiolina roof top tent.

    Thank you Enzo, I will look into Thule.
  9. Jeffrey Patrick

    Personal review of the Maggiolina roof top tent.

    Mike S, thank you for your product and answers on this forum. I own a 2000 Tacoma Ex-cab. What load rack system/brand would you recommend? I would like to have it set about cab height for aerodynamic reasons, still enabling me to store gear in the bed. I believe I saw a white Tacoma on your...
  10. Jeffrey Patrick

    WTB Can-Back top

    Sent you a PM. Curious how a Can-Back that fits an F-150 will fit a Tacoma?
  11. Jeffrey Patrick

    WTB Can-Back top

    Since production has ceased, looking to buy a Can-Back top that is fitted for a 2000 Tacoma Ex-cab. Thanks!
  12. Jeffrey Patrick

    Jeep Renegade and its competitors

    What on earth was Jeep thinking? Looking forward to seeing "pieces" of this monstrosity on the trails.
  13. Jeffrey Patrick

    1992 FJ80 Engine swap Vortec 6.0L

    Awesome rig my friend!
  14. Jeffrey Patrick

    Cheap Black Wheels? Spacers?

    I ran a nice set of black steelies from Wheelers Off-road that are made for the Tacoma, no spacers required. Gave them away to a friend when I found a set of 16" 4runner wheels. I think Wheelers price was $69.00 ea. my friend wheels them hard.
  15. Jeffrey Patrick

    Spending Your First $2000 on Your Tacoma

    ^^X2!! Did the Demello sliders, then ARB front bumper and Warn M8000 winch all held up by an OME lift. Went over the 2K with the Front Range Off-road rear bumper, bigger tires and snorkel. Still need to get the Budbuilt skid plate and my bed Line X'ed. Always a work in progress, but at...
  16. Jeffrey Patrick

    4 runner

    They do sell quick, much like 1st Gen Tacoma 4x4's