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  1. Ursidae69

    Identify Your Enemies - How are Enviro/Eco Groups Funded?

    I've not been on portal in a while. I came in today to look for pictures of the Overland Expo with all the snow and mud because I have several friends there right now. I had to make a visit to this sub-forum because, as a founding member, it was important to me to have this sub-forum to...
  2. Ursidae69

    For Sale: OJ Collection Spg 07- Spg 11

    My Overland Journal collection is for sale. It spans from the beginning (Spg 07) through the Spring 2011 issue. I have a few duplicates in there and a few of them are still in the original wrapping. They are all in good to great shape. I'm asking 100 bucks for all of them. I'll be in...
  3. Ursidae69

    Rear jumpseats -- 98-04 Tacoma Xtra Cab - $150

    Are your jumpseats stained, ripped, or otherwise worn out? These are the rear jumpseats that came out of my 2004 Tacoma Xtra Cab. They were removed after a year and were never really used. This sale is for both jumpseats and does not include any hardware, just what is in the picture. I think...
  4. Ursidae69

    Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

    Like so many others, I offer a sincere thanks for the excellent entertainment and inspiration. :costumed-smiley-007
  5. Ursidae69

    Campfire Shots

    I like this thread a lot. Some really nice photos, makes the work day better looking at burning coals in a fire, even if they are just on the screen. :costumed-smiley-007 This is me a few drinks in burning non-native tumbleweed on a remote beach at Lake Powell during a 4 day kayak trip...
  6. Ursidae69

    Handgun Hunting story.

    Disturbing thread to say the least. I hope you were kidding, if you weren't, you should delete your thread and take a hunting class. I came here for updates on the Congo thread, I'm sorry I looked around elsewhere. :smilies27
  7. Ursidae69

    Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

    Some have said a book would be good for this trip. I'd buy that book. Just sayin... :coffeedrink:
  8. Ursidae69

    Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

    Well said. And I am still lurking, enjoying this thread a lot. Thanks. :costumed-smiley-007
  9. Ursidae69

    Random Scenic Shots

    Been on that road lots of times, that is a great area. :victory:
  10. Ursidae69

    Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

    I'm completely captivated. Please continue! :lurk:
  11. Ursidae69

    Fall Pictures

    Here are a couple of mine from today on the Santa Fe National Forest. Full album here.
  12. Ursidae69

    Radio communications in Mexico

    I assume that MX uses the same band plan we do so I try to stick with the open freqs listed in our band plan for simplex. There is a MX license requirement and I have researched it and was not able to figure it out. When I go through checkpoints, I turn off all comms to not raise any...
  13. Ursidae69


    Awesome posts and photos! I love the cold hummingbird all puffed up, great pic. As a bird bander, I get to a see a lot of birds up close. The number of recaptures I see always astounds me. How a hummingbird, with a little tiny brain, can travel 2000 miles in one year and make it back to...
  14. Ursidae69


    The next time you hold a quarter, feel how much it weighs, and then realize that it weighs double what the hummingbird in these pictures weighs. I am pretty sure this is a calliope hummingbird sitting on her nest, females are tough to ID, especially sitting on her nest with the important...
  15. Ursidae69

    What did you eat for lunch today?

    Cool day trip and the truck looks as good as ever. :costumed-smiley-007
  16. Ursidae69

    12V use warning

    Xantrex makes really high-end products. Try one of their battery monitors, like this one:
  17. Ursidae69

    How much does your vehicle weigh?

    There is a Tacoma-specific thread from 2006. My 04 Taco weighs around 4700 lbs when leaving for a trip.