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  1. the Rewster

    Power centers

    What are you using? I hate the cig outlets that are on everything 12 volt. What is better? Also is there a better way to do in vehicle USB. I have USB in the stereo, but it will not charge the iPad. I do not want to use the little converter thing. This is for my Fridge and other accessories.
  2. the Rewster

    Expedition headlights

    What headlights do you recommend for a 2001 XJ. 1. Must be durable 2. Must be long lasting 3. Must be readily available. Any thing else I should consider? I am leaning to just the auto part store replacements.
  3. the Rewster

    what happened?

    There was a thread on buying scepter cans that has been removed. I asked what the problem would be if I marked a scepter water can as FUEL ONLY and used it for gas. I use a super siphon so I dont need to pour it. If this thread gets deleted we'll know that I've stumbled on something.