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  1. maxbergi

    2017 GXV TURTLE For Sale $339,000, No Waiting. located in San Diego, CA

    u sure take some really amazing pictures of that rig. u are getting another vehicle to replace this?
  2. maxbergi

    Nice Fuso Camper in Portland, Oregon

    Expo member
  3. maxbergi

    Affordable? Home Brew Big Box Ford F350 4x4 Diesel Truck CAMPER - $59000 (Oregon)

    Looks actually pretty nice inside, lots of storage options too. Throw an offroad bumper and winch on, some larger super singles and u have a pretty nice stealthy wannabe ER.
  4. maxbergi

    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    Some people have strong opinions on posting these findings here. I did not expect this to blow up. When I posted the link it was on KSL for over 16days. Who are u competing with, if it would have been such a great deal the diesel brothers would have kept it...
  5. maxbergi

    E-450 Winnabago 4X4 Motor Home

    Your F350 setup looks awesome! Is there a build thread?
  6. maxbergi


    Seller just texted me that it sold. Congrats to the montana guy, hope. to see him join this forum! Moving on! :)
  7. maxbergi

    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    thanks alot for the link to the episode! Fast Forward to 31:00 and they go over the cost to rebuild repair.. They do mentioned they paid 10k for the thing. thats insane, was that at an auction?
  8. maxbergi

    Damaged MAN Expedition truck Not mine, just stumbled across this and thought I share. The box and interior looks really nice, ad states needs engine an transmission, which would be challenging to source here, or complete body swap.
  9. maxbergi


    I offered to drive down and pick it up this weekend. But he said he committed to someone flying in on Tuesday.
  10. maxbergi


    Just a bad experience trying to buy one
  11. maxbergi


    I almost bought that 90k earthroamer a couple of years ago. Sworn off them since, but damn 60k will definitely attract drama :D
  12. maxbergi

    Thread Locked: 2011 LX 570 (200 series) locked on 37s

    How random, I walk my dog past that Lexus almost daily. Awesome built, with a very reasonable price too! GLWS
  13. maxbergi


    Thanks I was concerned with the resale of 4runners after seeing it for sale so long. A part out might get him more $
  14. maxbergi

    Insane 21 Vehicle/RV/Trailer/Toy single lot auction in McMinnville, OR

    Better pay those taxes, Is it public record how much this stuff will auction for?
  15. maxbergi

    1995 4x4 Chevy Tiger in CO for $18,500

    Not sure if it's a scam, but Seller responded to one of my messages, said has around 100k miles. I didn't pursue it further though
  16. maxbergi

    1986 Gulf Stream Toyota Conquest

    +1, come on Mods this has been going on for too long. I can probably count on no hands how often tomsjack posted a vehicle that interests this community.
  17. maxbergi

    Suburban conversion

    Looks cool for its age. Weird platform choice?
  18. maxbergi

    Pinz 712 camper RUSTY

    Kinda sad that it's been so neglected looks like a sweet setup. "some Rust anyone good can fix it":D
  19. maxbergi

    F550 Flatbed with Host TC Pretty awesome setup