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  1. montyjk

    Jeeping Across America - Wanderings Of The West

    Great trip report! Thanks for sharing.
  2. montyjk

    19 days in a Jeep.... Colorado, Utah and a little of Arizona

    Great trip report and photos. It's nice to see someone spend so much time in their 2 door. :clapsmile
  3. montyjk

    Refreshing the TJ - Build Thread

    bummer. thanks tho. can't wait to see the tj finished.
  4. montyjk

    New Jeep/Brute

    nice brute! how about some build details? what kind of mileage are you getting?
  5. montyjk

    Refreshing the TJ - Build Thread

    Some Articulation Testing: nice looking build. wondering where the testing grounds were? looks like a nice trail ride with sweet views of the ocean. any info on it would be appreciated. thanks.
  6. montyjk

    99' XJ: Slowly Going Down Under.

    X2. great thread!
  7. montyjk

    hey there! i followed your blog 'the road chose me,' which was a fun read thus far. i'm at the...

    hey there! i followed your blog 'the road chose me,' which was a fun read thus far. i'm at the nicoya peninsula page now.
  8. montyjk

    2012 Rubicon Unlimited cb install

    thanks for posting this. finally i'm feeling motivated to get my antenna setup. long over due for sure.
  9. montyjk

    Expo / Daily-driver JK build (Pic-heavy)

    nicely done!
  10. montyjk

    Iowa to Death Valley, and back.

    great story and pics! thanks for sharing.
  11. montyjk

    Mojave Road February 2011 Adventure

    nice trip report. i miss the mojave trail/ road. thanks for sharing!
  12. montyjk

    Tales of the Grey Mouser...

    nice LJ. i'm diggin the sleeping platform. wish i had the room for one in my 2 door jk.
  13. montyjk

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    here's my 07 jk. not really expedition worthy yet but it will eventually get there. so far i've added; ORE front coilovers with King shocks, rear teraflex springs/ OME shocks 5.38's and 37's on stock wheels with spacers front axle sleeves, and gussets Poly high steer, Currie TR and other misc...
  14. montyjk

    Our '05 LJ Rubicon

    that last one is a great pic! :bowdown:the 35's do look better in the other pic tho.
  15. montyjk

    Our '05 LJ Rubicon

    very nice setup!