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  1. craig

    Craig’s G500

    Picked up a mostly stock 2006 G500 3/2019.
  2. craig

    Pre 89 Range Rover Classic Parts

    Anyone have any suggestions on who to contact for used 89 and earlier Range Rover Classic parts? I've tried my usual local resources, tried Will Tillery, but am not having any luck. In particular, I'm looking for the seat wiring harnesses and seat switches. If I could find a beat up set of...
  3. craig

    Garmin 60CSx GPS Receiver - $200

    SOLD Garmin 60CSx handheld GPS receiver and 12VDC automotive charger. $200 - EDIT: Sale Pending via craigslist Has the outstanding SIRF III chipset and is very ruggedized. Located in Mount Vernon, WA
  4. craig

    EO Tuftab - 7" Semi-ruggedized tablet w/ Overland Navigator

    EO Tuftab - 7" Semi-ruggedized, sunlight visible, touchscreen tablet. Runs Windows XP or Linux. Has Windows XP installed now. Comes with all manuals, driver disks, etc. Includes Overland Navigator Software and up to 4 state map-packs of your choice. Accessories: Custom made VESA mount and...
  5. craig

    NATO Wolf Tubed vs Tubeless

    Looking for thoughts/comparisons between: NATO Wolf ANR5593 tubed rim/tube/BFG 235/85-16 tubeless tire NATO Wolf ANR4583 tubeless rim w/ BFG 235/85=16 tubeless tire Truck is used on and offroad. I already have the tires. Have a chance to get the ANR5593s at a good price but am unsure about...
  6. craig

    Swingout Draw Latch?

    Any suggestions for a high quality latch to hold my swingout closed? Looking for strength, ease of use, and factory looking aesthetics. Swingout is on a spindle with the arm on top of the bumper. Front of the arm is flush with the face of the bumper. Thanks, Craig
  7. craig

    Warn 8274 vs Ramsey RE 12000

    I have a Ramsey RE 12000 right now, but it is a bit wide for the bumper I'm looking to put it in. The Warn 8274 is much narrower, so I'm considering selling my Ramsey and picking one up. My worm drive Ramsey has been bullet proof. Before I sell mine and pickup a used 8274, I'd love to hear...
  8. craig

    RRC Seat Removal

    Is there an easy way to slide an RRC front seat forward when the switch/motor is broken? I just want to move it forward so I can get to the screws and remove the seat. I'm replacing it with the new one. A hacksaw and sledge are my next option. Craig
  9. craig

    Relative Size of Africa

    Awesome Graphic! Illustrates the size of Africa relative to other countries.
  10. craig

    Craig's 1989 RRC

    Edit: A HUGE thank you to following people for their time, labor, and parts donations that have helped make this budget build possible: John Rohrbaugh @ NW Overland Society and friend since college Dan Cronin @ NW Overland Society Brent Frazier @ Columbia Rovers Scott Brady @ Overland Journal...
  11. craig

    89 RRC - Seat Covers?

    I've recently picked up an 89 RRC that I'm building for on-road and moderate offroad/camping use. Can anyone recommend a very good fitting seat cover for these? Everything I've seen so far has been universal fit and looked pretty lame. I have a dog and live in the wet PNW. If possible, I'd...
  12. craig

    Overland Navigator 2.0.1 - Released

    The latest version of Overland Navigator has been released. It was supposed to be a minor release but we wound up adding a few features anyway. Overland Navigator is topographic GPS mapping software designed to be simple to use in the field. It has an interface that makes it easy to control...
  13. craig

    Bilstein 7100 - oil quantities?

    I'm attempting to rebuild my 7100 following the Bilstein rebuild guide. Everything was going fine until I tried to refill them with oil. The instructions appear to be innacurrate including the example. - As I understand it, the rebuild guide states that I should put in 700ml total on a 10"...
  14. craig

    Overland Navigator - Free shipping

    Free shipping until the end of the month. Overland Navigator turns any Windows netbook, laptop, tablet, or UMPC and a cheap GPS puck into an easy to use offroad mapping system. USGS topographic maps are rich in detail. Maps are seamless and automatic Record GPS tracks and waypoints Ideal...
  15. craig

    Overland Navigator

    I've received a bunch of PMs and emails asking if there was a demo version or a demo video of Overland Navigator. I put together a short video yesterday that will hopefully help. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or suggestions. We'd love to hear from you...
  16. craig

    Historical Maps

    Just learned about this library of historical maps.
  17. craig

    Geography of Overlanding

    Geographers study how *place* affects things. Cultural geographers might notice how there were Plank Houses in the Western PNW where cedar trees are plentiful, igloos in the north where there is snow, and Adobe in the Southwest where clay/straw is plentiful. People often ask/answer questions...
  18. craig

    Garmin GPX Samples?

    As many of you know, I'm developing a topographic mapping package for touchscreen computers (Old version described at We are getting close to our next release and want to make sure that we have very solid Garmin GPX compatibility. If any of you have a Garmin...
  19. craig

    ARB Locker air source options?

    I've been running my locker off of a 2.5 gallon VIAIR tank w/ one of those MV50 air compressors for a couple of years now and it has worked pretty well. The air tank doesn't hold enough air to drive any useful tool leaving me with the decision to upgrade the compressor (York) or pull the tank...
  20. craig

    Whipsaw Trail / Ashnola Traverse

    Whipsaw Trail / Ashnola Traverse - BC Canada Summary Three members of the NW Overland Society join the BC Roverlanders on the Ashnola Traverse, Whipsaw Trail, and for their year-end Whipsaw BBQ. The BC Roverlanders maintain the Whipsaw Trail which was nominated as a BFG "Outstanding Trail"...