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  1. coastsider

    Inverter/Solar/Deep-cycle set up for E Bikes

    Hi guys, can anyone give me some advice? My SoCal Tear drop has two linked Diehard deep-cycle batteries, solar controller and guest charge pro, using x2 78w Flexopower panels for a total 158w (max 19.2v) to top up batteries. I'm no electrician, to be honest it baffles me, I have 3 Bosch 500w...
  2. coastsider

    Good things come in little packages: Yamaha TW200

    As the owner of a XTZ1200 Super Tenere, and recently, a TW200 (aka TDub) I'm lucky enough to have the best of both worlds, the big bruiser and the mighty midget. While I have taken the XT1200 off road a few times I'm no Dakar super hero, I don't find it fun wrestling over 700lbs of motorcycle...
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    Anza Borrego & Mojave

    Wanted to share a few snaps from our recent trip with our SoCal Krawler 459. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Newbie kayak question

    Looking for advice/recommendations for a sit on hard shell tandem kayak. Must be able to convert to solo and be comfortable in flat water as well as calm ocean cove paddling. We have an Aire tandem Tomcat inflatable at the moment which is made for white water of course, and we've had plenty of...
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    The cost of Land Rover Defenders

    I'm an English transplant to California and the cost of Land Rovers here in the States, especially the coveted Defender, never ceases to amaze me. I've seen high mileage older models in less than average condition selling for ridiculous sums of money, $40k, $50k even $65k+. I know they have to...
  6. coastsider

    Natural vs. synthetic

    I'm interested in opinions on build materials used for storage and equipment used in camping and over landing. So much stuff is made of plastic today and my camping gear is no exception. But when is leather better than vinyl? Or wood better than plastic? Modern polymers and plastics certainly...
  7. coastsider

    Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6

    Did a quick search but couldn't find any posts relating to this vehicle. Hopefully this video has not been posted here before. Pretty wild looking rig!
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    Is there such a thing as extra cheap(ish) FJC horsepower

    Apart from dropping serious coin on a TRD supercharger (drool) does anyone know the best way to get a few more useable cheap ponies out of the FJC V6? I have the TRD exhaust installed already but will the TRD cold air filter give me more BHP? Better plugs maybe? A buddy of mine bought a $40.00...
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    Land Rover 1968 IIA-88 for sale

    This is my mates Land Rover, he asked me to post it here for him. I can confirm this is a super clean original restoration by Roverland in San Francisco. The vehicle has been used as a toy only by this owner and is located in the San Francisco area. He wants $15,000. All other questions need to...
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    Pinzgauer people carrier spotted in San Diego

    Saw this fine looking vehicle parked on a side street in La Jolla and thought I'd share.
  11. coastsider

    Fantasy XPCamper

    I'm bored tonight and fancy a little Frankenstein Photoshop fun. How about taking a 2011 F250 with an 8" lift and hardcore off road suspension set up and throw a custom XPCamper shell on the back? I think this rig could actually be built for real! It's a hack but you get the idea.:smiley_drive: :)
  12. coastsider

    Looking for tough, what do you use?

    What do you use to protect or cover the parts of your trailer that take the biggest beatings? At the moment I use paint on bedliner for the frame and fronts of the side boxes on my AT Horizon. The paint on liner is ugly as hell but seems to shrug off stones and rocks. I prefer the look of...
  13. coastsider

    Bear Proof Trailer?

    I'm planning a trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone NPs in August/September of this year. We will have four adults, one FJ and one Horizon Adventure trailer. Some backcountry camping is being planned but not sure exactly where in the parks yet. What I do know is that this is bear country and...
  14. coastsider

    Goalzero portable solar power

    I did a quick thread search but could not find any info. Has anyone had experience with this solar power gear? I saw them on the Overland Expo video round up and checked out the website. Looks like really cool gear, but does it work as good as it looks? I like the look of this set up for my AT...
  15. coastsider

    Death Valley in April, first AT Horizon trip.

    The Route Big Pine, Paboose Flats, Eureka Dunes, Steel Pass, Warm Springs, Saline Valley, Lippencott Grade, Racetrack, Hidden Valley, White Top Mountain, Hunter Mountain, Lees Flat, Panamint Dunes, Furnace Creek, Mammoth Lakes. The Horizon Trailer performed flawlessly, only the cheap after...
  16. coastsider

    What's your AT tire psi/airbag psi/shock set up?

    I'm particularly interested in what psi settings and combinations you are running on your Horizon AT when fully or near fully loaded (2500-2700lbs total) on the following surfaces, I have 265/65/16 AT's on the trailer (my settings in parenthesis): 1. Sand (airbag 40psi, tires 15 psi) 2. Mild...
  17. coastsider

    Best fit Maggiolina for Horizon AT?

    Hi, we want to mount a Maggiolina Air Top to our Horizon trailer and was wondering if anyone has successfully mounted the carbon medium size unit (57” x 83” x 13”) to the 4 standard mount bars on the Horizon. I have an awning mounted in the usual place over the kitchen side box that has been...
  18. coastsider

    WTB: One 16x8 PROCOMP Steelie rim or similar

    Hi, I'm looking for one used (or new) black steelie rim in the Procomp/rockcrawler style for a spare for my Horizon trailer. Must be 16"x8", 5 on 4.5 stud patten. Cosmetic condition not important but must be sound. Please PM me if you have anything that might work for me. Please see image for...
  19. coastsider

    FJ Cruiser OEM 2" Tow Hitch Wanted

    Looking to buy used or new standard hitch, must be sound, cosmetic damage no problem (if used). Please respond to post first if you have one and we can talk via phone. Cheers!