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  1. FlyingWen

    Jeep KJ Locker problems

    I am only guessing that my problem in my lockers... On several occasions, I have come to a red light after driving in a straight line and about 30 seconds into the light, my lockers release and it feels like I have been rear ended! That happens quite often and there is no reason for the lockers...
  2. FlyingWen

    New Additions

    Sierra Expeditions is adding many more products to their site! At the request of many of you, Sierra Expeditions has added the 50 pack Wag Bag Kit to the site. In addition to that, we have also added the "Poo Powder" which is designed to be added to your wag bag to increase the number of uses...
  3. FlyingWen

    LightForce Genesis

    The LightForce Genesis lights are arriving the middle to end of November!!! Sierra Expeditions is accepting pre-orders The Genesis lights are 210mm/ 8.5". They are available in either a Cornering Beam or a Spot Beam, 12V or 24V and also HID or Halogen. Right now, the lights are being sold...
  4. FlyingWen

    Extremeaire 12V compressor- Customer Return

    Available: A customer return 12V Extremeaire compressor. Customer wanted a 24V, but ordered a 12V accidentally. This was not discovered until after it was mounted on his vehicle. A few minor scratches. Compressor ran once and is in perfect running condition. $360 shipped. Visit the...
  5. FlyingWen

    Extremeaire 12V compressor- Customer Return

    Extremeaire 12V Compressor Customer returned compressor to buy a 24V. Returned compressor mounted on vehicle and ran once before return. Minor chip in paint and scratch on body of compressor Perfect working condition Tech Specs: - Continuous duty cycle - 3/4 horsepower motor - 30-amp draw...
  6. FlyingWen

    Engel Package Deals and FREE SHIPPING

    Sierra Expeditions is overloaded with Engel MT45, MT35 and MR040 fridges and is offering FREE SHIPPING through Sunday, October 5th. Also, purchase Engel accessories and save some coin!
  7. FlyingWen

    10% off at Sierra Expeditions- Weekend ONLY

    Well it is that time of year again, the annual Expedition Trophy sale! ARB E-Z Deflator Pett Potty System Safari Snorkels include Free Shipping which WILL be combined with the 10% off coupon Sale ends Sunday, Sept 28th. Enter coupon code "Expo08" at checkout for 10% off savings Looking...
  8. FlyingWen

    Sierra Expeditions introduces CELOX!

    At the request of several of our Expo Military persons, we have started selling the hemostatic agent, Celox CELOX granules quickly control even the most severe arterial bleeding. Just pour it in, pack it, and apply pressure. No specific training is required. CELOX clots blood fast, works in...
  9. FlyingWen

    Pett Potty Review

    The Pett Potty System The Basics: The Pett Potty, which is the size of a standard toilet, is portable and can be used anywhere. There is no assembly required and it sets up in seconds by popping out the 3 locking legs. Made from molded plastic, this portable toilet was tested to withstand the...
  10. FlyingWen

    Disabled Explorers Return Party

    Disabled Explorers will be coming back from the Overland Journal sponsored Continental Divide Expedition and would like to share the fun with all of you! Ryan at SDHQ is hosting the return party at his shop. This guy is so cool that he is going to open on Sunday which is normally his only day...
  11. FlyingWen

    Disabled Exlorers "Buy A Mile"

    Disabled Explorers "Buy A Mile" Sierra Expeditions has joined forces with Disabled Explorers! We are looking for donations to help "1LegLance", Lance Blair, on his Continental Divide Expedition leaving on July 4th. While Lance has received some sponsorship in the form of...
  12. FlyingWen

    FlyingWen's 2002 Jeep Liberty KJ

    Well its new to me and a replacement for the Xterra. Here is my 2002 Jeep Liberty Renegade KJ: Current stats: Factory Hella roof lights, Jeep Clinometer, Gauge pod with Autometer gauges, Detroit rear locker, Re-geared to 410's, Axle Protection ARB front bumper w/ factory fogs mounted in...
  13. FlyingWen

    99 Disco Wet Okole Seat covers- $20

    No affiliation. I saw these black Wet Okole seat covers on ebay for a 99 LR Discovery and thought someone might be interested.
  14. FlyingWen

    FS: 00 Xterra- winch, bumper, etc

    Selling my 2000 Xterra XE (3 Pack) 70K Miles Power package (cruise control, map lamps, power mirrors, power windows, power door locks, security system with remote) Sport package (alloy wheels, fog lamps, tow hooks, limited slip rear differential) Utility package (extra 12V outlets, ceiling tie...
  15. FlyingWen

    Liberty info

    I am thinking of trading in my Xterra for a 04-06 Liberty. I need the info on gas mileage, comfort, cargo space... basically the works! My Xterra is a pain to get in and out of the back seat. It is almost as if the door does not open far enough to squeeze your foot out. Any input would do...
  16. FlyingWen

    Sale at Sierra Expeditions

    Well its, that time of year again (taxes). To help ease the pain of filing we are offering Expo members 8% off any purchase at Sierra Expeditions through 17 MAR. To get your 8% off simply use Coupon Code: tax08 while checking out and the discount will show on final checkout screen. Thanks!
  17. FlyingWen

    Anyone Heard of this Product?

    I have been contacted by a company who would like their products sold on our site. Usually we will never sell a product unless we have actually had the opportunity to play with it and make sure it is a quality item. That being said, I am wondering if any of you have heard of and used the Baja...
  18. FlyingWen

    Light Force 140's being Discontinued.

    I just heard from Light Force that they are discontinuing the Low Mount 140 Lance Driving lights. The low mount lights are our most popular version! :wavey: Light Force will continue to put out their other size lights, but why does the 140 get the ax? I just hate seeing a good product go...
  19. FlyingWen

    Light Force 140's being Discontinued.

    I just heard from the manufacturer that Light Force is discontinuing the Low Mount 140 Lance Driving Lights! :wavey: I have 30 left available and have now put them on sale at Sierra Expeditions with FREE SHIPPING! First come, first serve... Thanks everyone for your continued support of SE...
  20. FlyingWen

    Thinking about selling it!

    So, I am slowly trying to decide whether I should sell my X. It is a 2000 with only 66K miles and lots of upgrades, but the gas mileage and lack of acceleration are killing me! I drove through by the lake the other day which takes me on a road with a few gradual inclines...I struggled to get...