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  1. phsycle

    Tacoma frame rust issues again???

    I used to own a 2017 Tacoma. Just got this in the mail yesterday. Seems like it’s not a prevalent issue to warrant a recall, but enough reported to have the warranty extended to 12 yrs. Thought they would’ve been past this issue by now.
  2. phsycle

    2005 Suburban

    My father in law is looking at replacing his old Pathfinder. Its been a mixed bag as far as reliability goes. He mainly uses it to tow a 4K lb enclosed trailer (6x12). So nothing heavy but still a midsize platform leaves a lot to be desired especially towing in the mountains. So I was looking...
  3. phsycle

    Next truck

    I need to get a truck. It’ll be used as a family hauler (for camping trips. Wife has a minivan for road trips and daily stuff). Won’t need much in the way of extreme off road. I’d probably get a 2-3” lift and 33-34” tires. I don’t tow much. Things I need: - 4 doors - 4wd - Good reliability -...
  4. phsycle

    Midsize truck with manual transmission

    Currently, there are 3 options for (open bed) trucks with manual transmissions: - Gladiator - Tacoma - Frontier Wondering if anyone’s heard of others bringing back manual transmissions. I know Ford Bronco supposedly has a manual option, so I’m wondering (hoping) it may be made available for the...
  5. phsycle

    DIY Antenna mount

    Looking to DIY an antenna mount. I saw a mount for sale, but $30-40 for a piece of steel or aluminum with 2 bends and 2 holes in it?? Seems like I could just make one. I'm thinking of getting a piece of an 1/8" aluminum bar and putting a couple of 90deg bends in it via a vice. Can't be...
  6. phsycle

    What can you tell me about the Chevy Avalanche?

    Kind of window browsing an Avalanche. I’ve always liked them. But only the 03-05 models with the cat eyes and black cladding. Not too keen on the looks of the ones after that. Obviously, fold down rear seats with the pass through to bed is super cool. Most of the ones I see have the 5.3. How...
  7. phsycle

    F150 w 6.2L

    There is a ‘14 FX4 with 6.2 locally that is intriguing. Anyone know what the difference is between this and the Superduty 6.2? As far as I’ve been able to find out, different cams. But everything else is the same. I believe. Do they come with a larger gas tank or was it still an option? Not...
  8. phsycle

    WK2 - Trailhawk vs Laredo e

    A family member is looking at a new GC/WK2. Is there any value in going with a Trailhawk over a Laredo E with QD II? Seems like not much? He doesn’t care about amenities. Just wants a GC with lo range. If the Trailhawk had a locker (like the KL’s) it would be a no brainer. Hardest trails he’ll...
  9. phsycle

    Double barrel shotgun

    Looking to pick up a double barrel (side x side or over/under) 12ga shot gun. Not anything fancy. But something to mostly just do some target shooting and maybe bird hunting. What’s the equivalent of a Rem 870 in the double barrel segment? I have an 870, it just works. Not fancy at all, but...
  10. phsycle

    Need new tires

    Another tire thread. Looking for some new tires in size 285/70/17. I feel like that's a good size for multi-purpose trucks. Commuting, camping, etc. Driving in snow, pavement, dirt. Top candidates are General Grabber ATX and BFG KO2. Pricing is about the same. I've tried KO2's in the past...
  11. phsycle

    Retirement truck

    My retirement is years and years and years away. But I was daydreaming today about what I would get. I've debated about truck vs suv vs van many times in my head. Pros and Cons for each. The terrain I would tackle: Think Canyonlands/Maze district, Four corners, venture into some remote...
  12. phsycle

    Dual sport suggestions

    Looking at getting a dual sport bike. Haven't had one for years. I'm not looking for one of those bigger machines. Something light, manuverable to take on mostly day trips, maybe occasional overnighters. What I'm looking for: * Smaller size for manuverability, transport, etc. * Street legal...
  13. phsycle

    Kevin and his Tundra

    Exactly how I use my Tacoma. Except the ranching part. Cool to see him using the truck as it was meant to be. But I’m sure he’s got several other trucks in his garages.
  14. phsycle

    Steel rims

    I may sell off my stock 16" wheels on my Tacoma and go to 17". Probably won't happen after the winter season, but just doing some research. I'd like to go steel and around 4.5" backspacing. 17" rims, and will go 255/75/17 BFG KO2's. Only results coming up are a couple of Procomps. Any...
  15. phsycle

    Forester vs Crosstrek

    Any reason why one would consider the Crosstrek vs the Forester? Forester is a little more expensive, but take that out of the equation (I think it's $2k or so). Both are available with CVT or 6-sp. Similar size, but obviously, the Forester is bigger. MPG is the same. Other than personal...
  16. phsycle

    2019 Subaru Forester - Who's interested?

    I like the update. Bigger rear opening, more power from the N/A engine, cargo capacity, better X-Mode system, Eyesight standard, etc. Seems like it would make a great lite-offroad rig.
  17. phsycle

    CUV / Crossover with 4Lo

    What CUV or crossovers are out there with lo range? Preferably ones in the last 10 years or so. Ones I can think of: Jeep Renegade/Liberty/(new)Cherokee Suzuki Grand Vitara Any others I’m missing?
  18. phsycle

    Tacoma trailer brake controller

    Looking for a brake controller for a 3rd gen Tacoma. I was hoping to find one that doesn't look out of place, or juts out of the dash awkwardly. Tekonsha units seems to have good reviews, so that may be what I go with. I just wish there was a more sleek looking solution available. Tacoma...
  19. phsycle

    Tacoma: Awning install without a shell?

    Tacoma (or Tundra) owners, I am looking for a solution to install an awning (most likely an ARB) on my truck which isn't equipped with a shell. (Gave up looking for an old Flippac). I would only use this on a few annual campouts. I don't use, need, or want an RTT, so it would only be for the...
  20. phsycle

    Tacoma: 2nd Gen Flippac on 3rd Gen?

    Anyone know if a Flippac from a 2nd Gen will fit a 3rd? I have doubts, since a regular shell has fitment issues. But I am hoping I can make it fit. I've looked at the AT Habitat's, but prices are crazy high and I don't like that it opens "backwards" and not over the cab, like the Flippac. I...